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Archived Newsletter Content


Newsletter #114 June August, 2016



Mystery Scene #143 (Gregg Hurwitz; Jessica Jones: from page to TV; Ausma Zehanat Khan; reviews; more) $7.50
Mystery Scene #144 (Catriona McPherson; Adrian McKinty; Mod Squad; reviews; more) $7.50
Alaux, J-P/Balen, N Tainted Tokay (Winemaker Detective #11: Wine expert Benjamin Cooker sets off to enjoy Vienna, the Danube, Budapest, and the Hungarian countryside, but all too soon, stolen wallets, disappearing passports, and murder mar the trip) $12.95
Alfieri, Annamaria Strange Gods (Vera & Tolliver #1: Kenya, 1911: Vera McIntosh, a Scottish missionary's daughter, and colonial police officer Justin Tolliver investigate when Vera's rakish uncle is murdered) $14.00
Block, Sandra Little Black Lies (PBO; Thriller finalist. Dr. Zoe Goldman is obsessed with questions about her mother's death; the truth is locked within her memories of an uncontrollable fire. As she digs deeper, she has no choice but to face her terror, because what she can't remember just might kill her) $15.00
Chernow, Ron Alexander Hamilton (Massive biography that was the inspiration for the hit Broadway musical) $20.00
Chernow, Ron Washington: A Life (Pulitzer Prize-winning biography, providing a nuanced portrait of the personal, military, and political life of the father of our nation) $21.00
Dalton, Annie The White Shepherd (Oxford Dogwalkers #1: Anna, Isadora, and Tansy investigate when an acquaintance is murdered. The police think the killing was random, but Anna is sure the woman, who was researching a famous Welsh poet, was killed because of something she knew) $17.95
Eco, Umberto Numero Zero (A novel about the murky world of media, politics, conspiracy, and murder, set in 1992 Milan and foreshadowing the mysteries and follies of the following decades) $14.95
Edwards, Martin The Golden Age of Murder (Edgar and Agatha winner; Anthony finalist. A look at how the Detection Club, a social group for British crime writers, transformed crime fiction in the 1930s) $15.99
Flynn, Vince Pursuit of Honor audiobook (Mitch Rapp #10: Unabridged) $19.99
Furst, Alan Midnight in Europe audiobook (Unabridged) $19.99
Goff, Christine A Parliament of Owls (Birdwatcher's #6: PBO; When a woman is found murdered near a Colorado prairie dog town she was petitioning to have eradicated, US Fish and Wildlife agent Angela Dimato investigates) $11.95
Grant, Maxwell The Romanoff Jewels / Crime Under Cover (Shadow #103: Pulp reprints) $14.95
Grant, Maxwell Double Death / The Robot Master (Shadow #104: Pulp reprints) $14.95
Grant, Maxwell Doom on the Hill / Clue for Clue (Shadow #105: Pulp reprints) $14.95
Hambly, Barbara Drinking Gourd (Benjamin January #14: When Jubal Cain, the man who coordinates the Underground Railroad in Mississippi, is accused of killing Vicksburg's chief conductor, Benjamin January must track down the real killer) $29.95
Harrison, Cora A Shameful Murder (Reverend Mother Aquinas #1: Cork, Ireland, 1923: When a body washes up near the convent chapel after a flood, Reverend Mother Aquinas sends for a former pupil, Police Sergeant Patrick Cashman, to investigate) $17.95
Hawker, L.S. The Drowning Game (Thriller finalist. Petty spent her childhood a prisoner in her own home, trained with military precision to be ready for anything. Now her paranoid, domineering father is dead, but his will decrees a terrible future for her. She must escape, by whatever means necessary. On the road, free for the first time, her fight for her life has just begun) $11.99
Hoffman, David E. The Billion Dollar Spy (Nonfiction. The story of Adolf Tolkachev, the CIA's most valuable spy in the Soviet Union during the last days of the Cold War) $16.95
Jones, G. Wayman The Black Bat Strikes Again / Black Bat's Challenge (Black Bat #2: Pulp reprints) $14.95
Jones, Stan Tundra Kill (Nathan Active #5: Alaskan cop Nathan Active investigates when a dog musher is killed by a snowmobile. The case sweeps him into the bizarre family affairs and political ambitions of Alaska's governor) $25.99
Miranda/McCarter Hamilton: The Revolution (Being the complete libretto of the Broadway musical, with a true account of its creation, and concise remarks on hip-hop, the power of stories, and the new United States. Full color production and behind the scenes photos throughout) $40.00
Orenduff, J. Michael The Pot Thief Who Studied Ptolemy (Pot Thief #2: Reissue; Hubie's plan is perfect: rob a penthouse to recover sacred pots stolen from a closed pueblo. But things go amiss when he's arrested for murder) $15.99
Orenduff, J. Michael The Pot Thief Who Studied Einstein (Pot Thief #3: Reissue; Hubie takes a trip to a reclusive collector's house to appraise a collection to Anasazi pots - which includes 3 of his own copies. When he returns home, the $2500 the collector paid him is missing. Getting his money back will require finding a place he only visited blindfolded, with his 3 copies the only way to identify the location. And then a John Doe at the morgue turns out to be the collector) $14.99
Parry, Leslie Church of Marvels (A novel of secrets and hidden identities, moving from the Coney Island seashore to the tenements of the Lower East Side to a brutal asylum in 1895 NYC) $15.99
Pearce, Michael The Women of the Souk (Mamur Zapt #19: Cairo, 1913: When schoolgirl Marie Kewfik is kidnapped in the Souk, the Khedive insists that the Mamur Zapt take charge of the negotiations for her return. The Kewfiks are one of the wealthiest and most powerful families in Egypt, but Captain Owen discovers that not everyone thinks it's worth the bother of securing the release of a mere girl) $28.95
Randisi, Robert When Somebody Kills You (Rat Pack #10: Frank Sinatra dispatches Eddie G. and his torpedo buddy Jerry to Los Angeles to help Judy Garland with a problem she's having) $17.95
Reilly, Matthew The Great Zoo of China (40 years ago, the Chinese found a species of animal no one believed existed. Now they are ready to unveil their discovery within the greatest zoo ever constructed. VIPs and journalists are invited, including Dr. C.J. Cameron, a writer for National Geographic and an expert on reptiles. The visitors are assured by their Chinese hosts that they are perfectly safe - and that nothing can go wrong) $9.99
Rendell, Ruth The Girl Next Door (When a London construction project uncovers a tin box containing two skeletal hands, the investigation reunites a group of people who played in an earthen tunnel there in the summer of 1944. Is the truth buried among these aging friends and their memories?) $16.00
Sigurdardottir, Yrsa The Silence of the Sea (Thora Gudmundsdottir #6: A yacht crashes into a Reykjavik pier, but no one is on board. What happened to the crew? And what happened to the family who were aboard when the yacht left Lisbon?) $25.99
Stockbridge, Grant Empire of Doom / The Spider and the Faceless One (Spider #8: Pulp reprints) $14.95
White, Randy Wayne Florida Firefight (Hawker #1: Reissue; Ex-cop James Hawker launches a one-man war against organized crime) $12.99
White, Randy Wayne L.A. Wars (Hawker #2: Reissue; Hawker throws himself into a cutthroat gang war in LA) $11.99
Winters, Cat The Steep and Thorny Way (YA; Oregon, 1923: 16-year-old Hanalee, daughter of a white woman and a black man, searches for the truth about her father's death) $17.95


Abbott, Patricia Concrete Angel (Anthony finalist. Eve lies, steals, cheats, swindles, and is even willing to take a life. Christine is caught up in her mother's deceptions - until she sees the horrific pattern repeating itself with her little brother. Can Christine find the courage, and the means, to stop Eve?) $14.95
Alan, Isabella Murder, Handcrafted (Amish Quilt Shop #5: PBO; Angie's mom drafts her into a massive home renovation project. When an electrician is found dead, the sheriff suspects foul play) $7.99
Ardai, Charles The Nice Guys (PBO; Novelization of the film. 1970s Los Angeles: A down on his luck PI and a hired enforcer must work together to solve the case of a missing girl and the seemingly unrelated death of a porn star) $7.99
Atherton, Nancy Aunt Dimity and the Buried Treasure (Aunt Dimity #21: Decades ago, an unsuccessful suitor gave Dimity a gold and garnet bracelet. When it turns up in the attic, Aunt Dimity tasks Lori with returning it to that long-ago beau) $26.00
Bannalec, Jean-Luc Death in Brittany (UK title: Death in Pont-Aven) (Georges Dupin #1: Commissaire Dupin and his team investigate the murder of an elderly hotel manager in Pont Aven, Brittany; when further incidents muddy the waters, they uncover a web of secrecy and criminality that belies the village's idyllic image) $15.99
Beckett, Simon Where There's Smoke (Single, very independent, and desperate to have a baby, Kate Powell meets a man who seems to be the answer to all her problems. But appearances can be dangerously deceptive) $13.95
Bradford, Laura Eclair and Present Danger (Emergency Dessert Squad #1: PBO; With rent for her shop going through the roof, baker Winnie Johnson comes up with a new business strategy: dessert delivery using the vintage ambulance she inherited. When she finds an elderly customer smothered with a pillow, can she track down the killer?) $7.99
Brookes, Adam Night Heron (A lone man escapes a Chinese labor camp. Once a spy for the British, he offers his former MI6 paymasters military secrets in return for extraction. But the secrets are more valuable than he realized - and not only to the British) $9.99
Cameron, W. Bruce The Midnight Plan of the Repo Man (Ruddy McCann #1: Ruddy has a simple life as a repo man and bar bouncer in Kalkaska, Michigan, until a voice in his head introduces itself as Alan Lottner, the dead father of Katie, the girl Ruddy's fallen for. Can a voice in your head demanding you find its murderers be ignored?) $7.99
Carbo, Christine Mortal Fall (PBO; When a wildlife biologist dies in an inexplicable fall, Glacier National Park cop Monty Harris investigates. A wilderness camp for rehabilitating troubled teams may have disturbing connections to the case) $16.00
Carmack, Amanda Murder at Fontainebleau (Kate Haywood #5: PBO; 1561: When Mary, Queen of Scots, declares herself the rightful Queen of England, Queen Elizabeth sends Kate Haywood to Mary's court to discover her rival's next move) $7.99
Child, Lincoln The Forgotten Room (Jeremy Logan #4: Jeremy Logan specializes in analyzing phenomena that have no obvious explanation. Hired by a think tank to discreetly investigate what drove one of their members to madness, Logan uncovers a hidden room at their sprawling headquarters, apparently untouched for decades, that points to a top secret project long thought destroyed) $9.99
Coes, Ben Independence Day (Dewey Andreas #5: When a deadly plot unfolds on US soil, CIA agent Dewey Andreas has only three days to save millions of lives) $9.99
Connolly, Sheila Dead End Street (Nell Pratt #7: PBO; When two members of a local neighborhood rescue program are shot in a rundown area of Philadelphia, the police think it's just random violence. Nell thinks there is more to it; can she find answers before someone else becomes history?) $7.99
Crais, Robert The Promise (Cole & Pike #16: PI Elvis Cole and his partner Joe Pike team up with LA cop Scott James and his patrol dog Maggie on an investigation that leads from inner-city drug traffickers to Afghan war veterans with ties to a terrorist cell) $16.00
Davis, Krista The Diva Serves High Tea (Domestic Diva #10: PBO; When the handsome owner of an antique store is found poisoned after a fundraiser at a new tea shop, Sophie investigates) $7.99
Day, Maddie Grilled for Murder (Country Store #2: PBO; When an obnoxious widow is found dead in Robbie's store, apparently clobbered with cookware, the police suspect Robbie's friend Phil. Can Robbie clear Phil's name?) $7.99
Doiron, Paul The Precipice (Mike Bowditch #6: When the bodies of two missing hikers are found, the bones picked clean by coyotes, rumors spread that the animals killed them, but biologist Stacey Stevens insists the hikers were murdered. When Stacey disappears in the wilderness, Maine game warden Mike Bowditch must uncover the truth) $9.99
Doyle, AC/Ashley, Mike Adventures in The Strand : Arthur Conan Doyle & The Strand Magazine (Nonfiction. Ashley examines Doyle's outlook, views, and shifting reputation during his lifetime, and assesses how Doyle's contributions to The Strand fit into his overall output as a writer) $34.95
Dunn, Matthew The Spy House (Will Cochrane #5: Intelligence agent Will Cochrane must solve the unsolvable: how did four international agents on a super-secret mission die in a safe house bunker that was locked from the inside?) $9.99
Evanovich, J/Goldberg, L The Scam (Kate O'Hare #4: FBI agent Kate O'Hare and con artist Nick Fox go undercover to take down a casino magnate who is running a money laundering operation for mobsters, dictators, and terrorists) $8.99
Fairstein, Linda Devil's Bridge (Alexandra Cooper #17: Detective Mike Chapman faces his most personal case when Cooper disappears) $9.99
Finch, Kay The Black Cat Knocks on Wood (Bad Luck Cat #2: PBO; A local business owner is found dead right after a black cat was seen in her office. Folks think it was the bad luck cat, but Sabrina suspects there may be something more murderous afoot) $7.99
Furst, Alan A Hero of France (France, 1941: Ordinary men and women, determined to take down the occupying Nazis, must outmaneuver collaborators, informers, blackmailers and spies, risking everything to fulfill perilous missions. Mathieu leads a group that helps downed British flyers escape back to England. Now the group faces a new threat dispatched by the Reich to destroy them all) $27.00
Griffin/Butterworth Deadly Assets (Badge of Honor #12: Homicide is at an all-time high in Philadelphia. When a vocal activist blames homicide sergeant Matt Payne, Payne must deal with death threats and public outrage as he tries to find the pattern behind a series of seemingly unrelated killings) $9.99
Hart, Rob New Yorked (Anthony finalist. When the woman Ash loves leaves him a voicemail looking for help, he doesn't get it until two hours after her body is found. Now Ash is hunting for her killer with the grace of a wrecking ball) $14.95
Housewright, David Stealing the Countess (Mac McKenzie #13: Unlicensed PI Mac McKenzie is brought in to recover a stolen Stradivarius, but no one except the violinist who has been playing it seems to want it found; Signed copies expected) $25.99
Howells, Debbie The Bones of You (A kind, quiet young woman has been found fatally beaten and stabbed. As Kate gets to know the woman's family, she becomes convinced that everything is not as it seems - and then anonymous notes arrive, urging Kate to unravel the mysteries) $9.99
Jance, J.A. Dance of the Bones (J.P. Beaumont #22: Years ago, sheriff Brandon Walker arrested John Lassiter for the murder of prospector Amos Warren. Now Lassiter wants Brandon to find the real killer and clear his name. When Brandon finds links to an unsolved case in Seattle, he comes to J.P. Beaumont for help) $9.99
Johansen, Iris Shadow Play (Eve Duncan #18: While Eve is doing a forensic sculpture of a dead girl, the girl's ghost begins communicating with her. Eve is determined to solve the murder and help the girl find peace) $8.99
Kennedy, Mary A Premonition of Murder (Dream Club #3: PBO; After having a dream that seems to foretell her death, a reclusive heiress invites the Dream Club ladies to lunch at her mansion. When the woman is later found dead, can the club members catch the killer?) $7.99
Koryta, Michael Those Who Wish Me Dead (When 13-year-old Jace Wilson witnesses a murder, he's issued a false identity and hidden in a wilderness skills program. But the killers are slaughtering anyone who gets in their way in a methodical quest to reach him. Now all that remains between them and the boy are the couple who run the program, the woman who occupies a lonely fire lookout tower, and endless miles of Montana mountains) $7.99
Laurie, Victoria Sense of Deception (Psychic Eye #13: Tossed in the slammer for contempt of court, Abby meets Skylar Miller, who is facing the death penalty. Abby's intuition tells her the woman is innocent, but can she find hard evidence before it's too late?) $7.99
Leeson, Gayle The Calamity Cafe (Down South Cafe #1: PBO; Tired of waiting tables, Amy quits, and then offers to buy to place. When her former employer is murdered, Amy will have to find the real killer to get herself off the suspect list) $7.99
Levine, Laura Death by Tiara (Jaine Austin #13: Jaine has been hired by a beauty pageant contestant's mother to write lyrics for the girl to sing. When one of the pageant organizers is bludgeoned to death with a tiara, can Jaine find the killer and clear her client's name?) $7.99
Lynds, Gayle The Assassins (Eva Blake #2: Judd Ryder and his colleague Eva Blake were the last two people known to have contact with legendary freelance assassin the Carnivore. Now someone is using them to try to lure the Carnivore out of hiding. Ryder and Blake will need every resource at their disposal to stay alive) $9.99
Mayor, Archer The Catch (Joe Gunther #19: Reissue; Vermont special agent Joe Gunther investigates the murder of a deputy killed in the line of duty) $14.95
McAndrews, Jennifer A Shattering Crime (Stained Glass #3: PBO; When a local businessman dies after eating a poisoned pastry, the police suspect Rozelle the baker. Can Georgia crack the case?) $7.99
McConnon, Maggie Wedding Bel Blues (Bel McGrath #1: PBO; When her cousin indulges in a last one-night stand before her wedding, and then her lover plunges to his death during the reception, Bel McGrath suspects his death was no accident) $7.99
McKenzie, C.B. Bad Country (Edgar and Shamus finalist; Hillerman Prize winner. Arizona PI Rodeo Garnet is hired by an elderly Indian woman to help discover who murdered her grandson) $15.99
O'Malley/Purdy Serpents in the Cold (Boston #1: Boston, 1951: A serial killer is targeting disadvantaged women. When Dante's sister-in-law becomes a victim, he and his friend Cal take it upon themselves to hunt the killer - with dangerous consequences when the trail leads to the highest ranks of city government) $15.99
Paretsky, Sara Brush Back (V.I. Warshawski #17: When a high school flame turns to V.I. Warshawski for help, she winds up tangling with Chicago political bosses and digging for buried family secrets) $9.99
Patterson, J/Karp, M NYPD Red 3 (When a billionaire businessman makes a grisly discovery in his garage, and his teenage son goes missing soon afterwards, Zach and Kylie find themselves investigating a chilling conspiracy) $9.99
Patterson, James Maximum Ride Forever (Maximum Ride #9: YA; Navigating a post-apocalyptic world, Maximum Ride and her broken flock roam the earth, searching for answers about what happened. All will be revealed at last) $9.99
Pettersson, Vicki Swerve (When her boyfriend is abducted from a desolate rest stop, Kristine plunges into the Mojave desert to find him. But does she have what it takes to go head to head with an unpredictable killer?) $7.99
Sefton, Maggie Purl Up and Die (Knitting #13: When a young woman accuses Barb's son Tommy of assaulting her, then turns up dead, Kelly and the knitters must unravel the truth from the lies to clear Tommy's name) $7.99
Taylor, Art On the Road with Del & Louise (Agatha winner; Anthony finalist. Del robs convenience stores, but only for tuition and academic expenses. Louise goes from being a victim to being his lover and accomplice. All they want is a fresh start at an honest life, but fate keeps putting challenges and temptations in their path: a wine heist; a wedding chapel holdup; and more. Can they stay on the right side of the law?) $15.95
Thor, Brad Code of Conduct (Scot Harvath #15: Hidden deep within one of the world's most powerful organizations is a secret committee with a devastating agenda - and counterterrorism operative Scot Harvath has been tapped to stop them) $9.99
Toyne, Simon The Searcher (Solomon Creed #1: To uncover the secret of his identity, Solomon Creed must uncover the secrets of Redemption, AZ, and learn the truth behind the death of the man he is there to save. But there are those prepared to call on the darkest forces to stop him) $9.99
Truman, M/Bain, Donald Internship in Murder (Capital Crimes #28: When a congressional intern goes missing, her family hires PI Robert Brixton to investigate) $7.99
Truman, M/Bain, Donald Deadly Medicine (Capital Crimes #29: When a medical researcher who was working on a breakthrough painkiller is murdered in Washington, DC, PI Robert Brixton searches for the man's missing papers and the killer) $25.99
Winslow, Don The Cartel (Ex-DEA agent Art Keller has been living quietly at a monastery in New Mexico, but when the Mexican cartels start a vicious drug war, Keller plunges back into the game, playing as always by his own rules) $16.95
Woods, Stuart Foreign Affairs (Stone Barrington #35: Stone heads to Rome to take care of some business, but trouble is brewing, and he may be facing more than he bargained for) $9.99


Abdul-Jabbar/Waterhouse Mycroft Holmes (1870: Word reaches London of strange occurrences in Trinidad, leading Georgiana Sutton to set sail for her home there. Her fiance Mycroft Holmes decides to follow her, and persuades his best friend Cyrus Douglas, a man of African descent who was born on Trinidad, to accompany him. The two men find a web of dark secrets that grows more treacherous with each step they take) $14.95
Allen, Nancy The Wages of Sin (Ozarks #3: A pregnant woman has been killed, the only witness her young daughter. Prosecutor Elsie Arnold is ready to deliver justice, but she's in for more than she bargained for when she argues for a death sentence) $11.99
Atkins, Ace The Redeemers (Quinn Colson #5: County kingpin Johnny Stagg has made sure Colson was voted out of office. Colson has offers in bigger and better places, but before he goes, he has one more job to do: bring down Stagg's criminal operations) $16.00
Batacan, F.H. Smaller and Smaller Circles (Quezon City, Philippines, 1997: The police are devoid of resources and rife with corruption, so when eviscerated bodies begin to appear at the local dump in a poor neighborhood, two Jesuit priests dedicate themselves to tracking down the monster responsible) $15.95
Bellotto, Tony (ed) Rio Noir (PBO; Anthology. Original crime stories set in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) $15.95
Black, Cara Murder on the Quai (Aimee Leduc Prequel: Paris, 1989: Aimee helps out at the detective agency while her father is away in Berlin, and discovers she has a taste for investigating as she works a murder case linked to a long-lost truckload of Nazi gold) $27.95
Clark, Mary Higgins (ed) Manhattan Mayhem (Anthology. 17 original crime stories by members of the Mystery Writers of America) $14.99
Craven, Michael The Detective & the Chinese High-Fin (John Darvelle #2: PBO; Ping-pong-playing PI John Darvelle is hired to find out who killed a thoroughly disliked Los Angeles man; the trail leads to the high-stakes world of rare tropical fish) $15.99
Davis, Lindsey Deadly Election (Flavia Albia #3: Rome, 1st century CE: When a corpse is found in a chest sent to the Falco family auction house, it falls to Albia to find out who, why, and by whom) $16.99
Dundas, Zach The Great Detective: The Amazing Rise and Immortal Life of Sherlock Holmes (Nonfiction. Journalist and lifelong Sherlock fan Dundas explores the origins, life, and afterlives of pop culture's favorite sleuth) $15.95
Ellory, R.J. Ghostheart (When Forrester arrives at Annie's Manhattan bookshop, claiming to be her long-dead father's oldest friend, she jumps at the chance to learn more about her father. But Forrester seems more interested in telling her the story of a ruthless ganglord and an old betrayal - a betrayal that, she realizes far too slowly, has something to do with her) $16.95
Evanovich, J/Goldberg, L The Pursuit (Kate O'Hare #5: Nick Fox has been kidnapped, and FBI special agent Kate O'Hare is in hot pursuit of the crook who stole her con man) $28.00
Freydont, Shelley A Golden Cage (Deanna Randolph #2: PBO; 1890s: When an actor turns up dead on the conservatory floor of the Newport house she's summering at, headstrong heiress Deanna Randolph investigates) $16.00
Garnier, Pascal Too Close to the Edge (Quiet retiree Eliette is returning to her house in the mountains. When her car breaks down, a stranger offers help, and Eliette gives him a lift, glad of the company and break in her routine) $13.95
George, Elizabeth A Banquet of Consequences (Thomas Lynley #19: What was the cause of William Goldacre's suicide, and how far might the consequences reach? Is there a link between the man's leap from a Dorset cliff and a poisoning in Cambridge? As DI Lynley investigates the London angle, DS Havers looks behind the peaceful facade of country life) $16.00
Goddard, Robert The Ways of the World (Max Maxted #1: Spring, 1919: Since the murder of a diplomat could be disastrous to the Peace Conference, the French police are claiming Sir Henry Maxted fell to his death. But his son Max has questions, and the search for answers leads to a tangle of secret allegiances, international espionage, and double-crosses at the highest levels of government) $16.00
Hammett/Cline, Sally Dashiell Hammett: Man of Mystery (Nonfiction. Cline uses fresh research, including interviews with Hammett's family, to reexamine the life and works of the writer who changed the face of crime fiction) $16.99
Head, Cheryl A. Bury Me When I'm Dead (Charlie Mack #1: When the search for a missing person leads Detroit PI Charlie Mack and her team to Birmingham, Alabama, what looked like a routine case turns into a complex chase for answers involving shady locals and a southern patriarch with dark secrets dating back decades) $15.95
Holmen, Martin Clinch (Harry Kvist #1: 1930s Stockholm: After lowlife debt collector Harry Kvist pays a threatening visit to a debtor, he finds himself suspected of murder when the man is found dead. Kvist sets out to track down the only person who can clear his name) $14.95
Iggulden, Conn Margaret of Anjou (Wars of the Roses #2: 1454: With King Henry VI struck down by illness, Margaret safeguards her husband's interests. Meanwhile, Richard, Duke of York, Protector of the Realm, extends his influence throughout the kingdom. Then the king unexpectedly recovers and returns to London to reclaim the throne, once more upsetting the balance of power) $16.00
Jackson, Shirley Let Me Tell You (Collection. Previously uncollected and unpublished stories, essays, lectures, letters, and drawings) $18.00
Kuhn, Shane Hostile Takeover (John Lago #2: Having taken over the agency that trained them as corporate assassins, John and Alice are doing a great job running it until a fight locks John out of the boardroom. Then Alice takes on a new target, and John is forced to return to the office battlefield - as an intern) $15.99
le Carre, John Our Kind of Traitor (movie tie-in edition) (Reissue; When a big-time Russian money launderer enlists their help to defect, a vacationing couple soon find themselves pawns in a deadly endgame whose outcome will be determined by the victor of the British Secret Service's ruthless internecine battles) $16.00
Limon, Martin The Ville Rat (Sueno & Bascom #10: South Korea, 1970s: US Army CID sergeants George Sueno and Ernie Bascom investigate the strangling death of a young Korean woman and a shooting incident between a young black private and his white superior) $15.95
Lindsay, Jeff Dexter Is Dead (Dexter #8: Dexter faces a murder charge - ironically, for a crime he did not commit. His only chance for freedom lies with his brother Brian, who has a dark plan to prove Dexter's innocence) $15.95
Lovesey, Peter Down Among the Dead Man (Peter Diamond #15: In Sussex to assist on a Home Office internal investigation, Diamond begins to notice unsettling connections between a murder seven years earlier and a recent missing persons case) $15.95
May, Peter Entry Island (Homicide detective Sime Mackenzie heads to an isolated community in the Gulf of St. Lawrence to investigate the murder of the island's wealthiest inhabitant. The man's wife is the likeliest suspect, but Sime is certain he's met her before, and finds his insomnia punctuated by vivid dreams of a distant past far away, in which he and the woman play leading roles. Mounting evidence of her guilt leads to a conflict between Sime's duty and the personal destiny he is increasingly sure awaits him) $14.99
McDougall, Len The Mackinac Incident (Rod Eliot, an ex-con turned survival expert, must stop a team of al Qaeda-trained terrorists plotting to blow up the five-mile-long Mackinac Bridge and detonate enough plutonium to contaminate the area for thousands of years) $14.99
McKenzie, C.B. Burn What Will Burn (Recently arrived in a small Arkansas town, Bob Reynolds doesn't recognize the dead person he finds in the creek, and would rather pretend he saw nothing, but when the body disappears, he just can't leave the case alone) $24.99
McManus, Patrick F. Circles in the Snow (Bo Tully #6: When bald eagles start getting picked off by a ghost-like killer, and a local rancher is murdered by an arrow with eagle feather fletching, Blight County, Idaho, sheriff Bo Tully finds he has a vast array of suspects to choose from) $14.99
Mosley, Walter Charcoal Joe (Easy Rawlins #14: 1960s LA: Easy's new detective agency investigates when a black student at Stanford is accused of murder) $26.95
Panowich, Brian Bull Mountain (Thriller and Anthony finalist. Clayton Burroughs comes from a long line of outlaws, and his clan runs moonshine, pot, and meth over six state lines. To distance himself, he became sheriff in the neighboring town. When a Fed shows up to shut down the Burroughs operation, his hidden agenda could lead Clayton down the path to self-destruction) $16.00
Pearce, Jackson The Doublecross (and Other Skills I Learned as a Superspy) (Superspy #1: Kids; Hale may not be the strongest or the fastest kid, but when his parents disappear on a spy mission, he and his kid sister step up to save the day) $7.99
Quinn, Spencer Scents and Sensibility (Chet & Bernie #8: Old Mr. Parsons next door is under investigation for having an illegally transplanted cactus, sending Chet the dog and his human PI companion Bernie deep into the desert to investigate. They discover bad things going on in the wilderness, all connected to a strange desert festival) $16.00
Rosenfelt, David Who Let the Dog Out? (Andy Carpenter #13: When a dog is stolen from the Tara Foundation building, lawyer Andy Carpenter tracks its GPS collar, and finds the dog - right next to a man who was shot to death mere minutes earlier. Is the dog theft somehow connected to the killing?) $15.99
Rosenfelt, David Lessons from Tara (Life advice from Rosenfelt's golden retriever) $15.99
Ross, Ian James War at the Edge of the World (Twilight of Empire #1: 305 CE: Once a soldier in an elite legion from the Danube, Castus is now stuck in Britannia. When an envoy goes to negotiate with the Picts, Castus is chosen to command the bodyguard. The diplomatic mission ends in bloody tragedy, and Castus and his men must fight for their lives) $16.95
Ross, Ian James Swords Around the Throne (Twilight of Empire #2: Summoned back from Britannia, Centurion Aurelius Castus finds himself caught up in a conspiracy to bring down Emperor Constantine. As a reward for saving the emperor's life, he is promoted to the imperial bodyguard, and discovers that the court is as dangerous as the battlefield) $26.95
Roy, Lori Let Me Die in His Footsteps (Edgar winner. In 1936, Juna Crowley came of age. Joseph Carl Baine looked into her eyes, and they made him do things that cost innocent people their lives. Sheriff Irlene Fulkerson saw justice served - or did she? In 1952, Annie Holleran comes of age. Her Aunt Juna will come home now to finish what she started. To save herself, her family, and her Kentucky town, Annie must prepare for Juna's return, and the revelation of what really happened all those years ago) $16.00
Runcie, James Sidney Chambers and the Dangers of Temptation (Grantchester #5: Collection. Late 1960s: Clergyman Sidney Chambers continues his amateur sleuthing) $17.00
Sallis, James Willnot (Small town physician Dr. Lamar Hale's life is upended when his partner Richard is critically wounded by a gunshot meant for mysterious military veteran Bobby Lowndes) $26.00
Sefton, Maggie Knit to Be Tied (Knitting #14: New knitter Nancy is pregnant, but the father of her baby isn't quite the man she dreamed he was. When he dies in a hit-and-run, the knitters are determined to chase down the culprit) $26.00
Singh, Avtar Necropolis (Delhi police detective Sajan Dayal and his team pursue a serial collector of fingers, encountering would-be vampires and werewolves, and a woman who may or may not be centuries old) $15.95
Smith, Alexander McCall The Woman Who Walked in Sunshine (No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency #16: Business is slow, so Mma Ramotswe plans to take her first-ever holiday. When a new client arrives just as she's ready to depart, Mma Makutsi insists that she and Charlie can handle the case) $15.00
Sund, Erik Axl The Crow Girl (An apathetic prosecutor and a bureaucratic police force are uninterested in solving the murder of an immigrant child. When two more bodies are found, Detective Superintendent Jeanette Kihlberg teams up with therapist Sofia Zetterlund to track down a serial killer) $29.95
Vachss, Andrew Signwave (Dell & Dolly #3: Dell uses his mercenary skills to follow the trail of a man who has threatened Dolly) $15.95
Walker, Martin Fatal Pursuit (Bruno #9: When a road rally and classic-car parade bring rivals in pursuit of a long-lost vintage car to St. Denis, murder soon follows) $25.95
Woods, Stuart Dishonorable Intentions (Stone Barrington #38: Stone's latest lady friend has some unfinished business with a temperamental man who believes Stone is an intolerable obstacle. Can Stone and his friend stay one step ahead in a cat-and-mouse game?) $28.00


Alaux, J-P/Balen, N Champagne Widows (Winemaker Detective #12: Called to Champagne to help a widow take over her husband's winery, wine expert Benjamin Cooker and his assistant Virgile get caught in a web of family ambition and battles, while inclement weather threatens the bubbly) $16.95
Alexander, Ellie Caught Bread Handed (Bakeshop #4: PBO; Jules delivers a batch of bread to a new restaurant in town, only to find that the owner has been murdered) $7.99
Bai, Xiao French Concession (1931: In the wake of a visiting Nationalist Party official's assassination, a Franco-Chinese photographer is coerced into spying for the authorities, and discovers that in the devious world of Shanghai, no one is who they appear to be) $15.99
Beaton, M.C. Dishing the Dirt (Agatha Raisin #26: When therapist Jill Davent is murdered two days after Agatha threatened her, Agatha becomes prime suspect. Can she and her team find the real culprit?) $7.99
Bell, Ted Patriot (Alex Hawke #9: Kremlin scientists have developed a weapon that could alter modern warfare, and NATO knows Putin won't hesitate to use it. It's up to British counterspy Alex Hawke to prevent that) $9.99
Blackmoore, Stephanie Engaged in Death (Wedding Planner #1: PBO; After cancelling her wedding, Mallory Shepard was not expecting to inherit Thistle Park, a mansion in her cheating ex's hometown. It's ramshackle and full of stray cats, but it has its charms - until an unwanted visitor is found dead on the front lawn. Can Mallory and her sister Rachel find the killer?) $7.99
Blackwell, Juliet A Toxic Trousseau (Witchcraft #8: PBO; As a suspect in a clothier's murder, Lily is searching for a way to clear her name when she discovers a cursed trousseau among the dead woman's recent acquisitions. Can Lily figure out who wanted to harm the woman before the curse claims another victim?) $7.99
Buckley, Julia A Dark and Stormy Murder (Writer's Apprentice #1: PBO; Camilla Graham's bestselling suspense novels inspired Lena London to start writing, so when she lands a job as Camilla's assistant, she can't believe her luck - until she stumbles across a dead body on Camilla's new lakefront property) $7.99
Burton, Miles The Secret of High Eldersham (alternate title: The Mystery of High Eldersham) (Desmond Merrion #1: Reissue; When Scotland Yard dispatches him to a secretive East Anglian village to investigate a murder, DI Young turns to brilliant amateur sleuth Charles Merrion for assistance) $12.95
Bush, Nancy The Killing Game (PBO; A woman becomes the focus of a killer's warped game of revenge and murder) $7.99
Chandler, Jessie Blood Money Murder (Shay O'Hanlon #5: The arrival of two strangers looking for Eddy Quartermaine sparks a firestorm involving a deadly mix of love gone wrong, stolen money, murder, and betrayal spanning 25 years. Will Shay and her sister Lisa pay the price for Eddy's sins, or will Eddy confront her secret head-on before time runs out?) $16.95
Connelly, Michael The Lincoln Lawyer (Mickey Haller #1: Reissue; Shamus winner; Edgar, Anthony, Steel Dagger finalist. With his latest client, a Beverly Hills rich boy arrested for assault, defense attorney Mickey Haller is expecting a nice, long, expensive trial with maximum billable hours. Instead, he finds himself confronted with pure evil and someone who may be truly innocent - and getting justice will mean taking the deadliest risk of all) $9.99
Connolly, John A Song of Shadows (Charlie Parker #13: PI Charlie Parker investigates a case that has its origins in a Nazi concentration camp. Old atrocities are about to be unearthed, and old sinners will kill to hide their sins) $16.00
Cook, Robin Host (When her boyfriend goes in for routine surgery but winds up brain dead, medical student Lynn Peirce searches for answers - and uncovers something much bigger than a case of malpractice) $9.99
Cornwell, Patricia Depraved Heart (Scarpetta #23: A text message that seems to be from her niece Lucy contains a link that shows Kay Scarpetta a surveillance film of Lucy from almost 20 years ago, revealing frightening secrets. That clip and others sent soon after raise dangerous legal implications - but who can Scarpetta safely tell?) $9.99
Corrigan, Maya Final Fondue (Five-Ingredient #3: PBO; After the opening ceremonies of the town's tricentennial celebration, Val finds a houseguest strangled to death in her grandfather's back yard. Can she keep the killer from making another stab at murder?) $7.99
Coulter, Catherine Nemesis (FBI Thriller #19: As Lacey Sherlock deals with a bomb plot in NYC, Dillon Savich and Griffin Hammersmith try to track an elusive murderer who uses others to unwittingly do his bidding) $9.99
Dodd, Christina Obsession Falls (Virtue Falls #2: When Taylor Summers loses her career, her reputation, and her identity, she finds refuge in Virtue Falls - until she realizes that to get her life back, she must enlist the help of a man who doesn't trust her in order to defeat the man who wants to destroy her) $8.99
Evanovich, J/Sutton, P Wicked Charms audiobook (Lizzy & Diesel #3: Unabridged) $14.99
Gilstrap, John Friendly Fire (Jonathan Grave #8: PBO; Years ago, Grave rescued young Ethan Falk from the man who had abducted and tortured him. Now Ethan has killed his abductor, but the police don't believe his story. Grave struggles to find a way to defend Ethan without blowing his own cover) $9.99
Grant, Andrew False Positive (Cooper Devereaux #1: When a young boy disappears, Birmingham, Alabama, police detectives Cooper Devereaux and Jan Loflin investigate. The case leads to harrowing discoveries about bloodlines, mass murder, obsession - and what two damaged detectives have in common with the victim they're desperate to save) $9.99
Hart, Elsa Jade Dragon Mountain (1708: When a Jesuit astronomer is found murdered in a magistrate's home near the Tibetan border, bandits are blamed, but exiled librarian Li Du suspects otherwise and sets out to discover the truth) $15.99
Hechtman, Betty Gone with the Wool (Yarn Retreat #4: PBO; Casey is helping out with the local monarch butterfly festival. When the festival queen is found with a knife in her back, can Casey find the killer?) $7.99
Hobbs, Roger Vanishing Games (Ghostman #2: When a woman from his past calls on Jack for help, he heads to Macau, where they find themselves up to their necks in a conspiracy bigger than they've ever seen and more dangerous than they've ever imagined) $16.00
Houston, Victoria Dead Loudmouth (Loon Lake #16: When a horrific accident at a local gentleman's club turns out to be double homicide, police chief Lew Ferris and her friend Doc Osborne investigate) $16.99
Huber, Anna Lee A Study in Death (Lady Kiera #4: Scotland, 1831: Hired to paint Lady Drummond's portrait, Kiera comes to suspect the woman is abused. When she finds Lady Drummond dead, the physician called to the house rules the death natural, but Kiera is convinced she was poisoned) $7.99
Hyzy, Julie Grace Sees Red (Manor House #7: PBO; When a resident of an assisted living facility is found dead under suspicious circumstances, Grace's assistant Frances is a suspect. Can Grace clear her name?) $7.99
Karjel, Robert The Swede (Dispatched to a remote US military base, Swedish security agent Ernst Grip is tasked with determining whether a detainee - a suspect in a terrorist attack in the US heartland - is a Swedish citizen) $15.99
Kellerman, Jonathan The Murderer's Daughter (Psychologist Grace Blades has a gift for treating troubled souls and tormented psyches, in part because as a child she witnessed her parents' murder-suicide deaths. She took refuge in her intellect and found comfort with the loving couple who adopted her, but she still has a dark side. When her two worlds converge, her harrowing past returns with a vengeance) $9.99
Kelly, Stephen The Language of the Dead (Thomas Lamb #1: 1939: Arriving in a Hampshire village to investigate the murder of an elderly loner, DI Thomas Lamb soon has two more killings to solve. Do the killer's motivations lie in the murky regions of the occult?) $15.95
Koryta, Michael Last Words (Mark Novak #1: A girl's body has been pulled from the perilous cave system beneath southern Indiana. When the man who found the girl winds up suspected of killing her, he begs PI Mark Novak to uncover the truth) $15.99
Limon, Martin Ping Pong Heart (Sueno & Bascom #11: South Korea, 1974: When Major Frederick Schulz is found hacked to death days after accusing a bar girl of stealing some money, CID sergeants Sueno and Bascom discover the major was investigating an Army counterintelligence unit) $26.95
Lovesey, Peter Another One Goes Tonight (Peter Diamond #16: When a patrol car spins off the road, a civilian cyclist is injured, then revived with CPR. Detective Peter Diamond's investigation of the man leads to a trail of uninvestigated deaths. Have they saved the life of a serial killer?) $27.95
Matthews, John Palace of Treason (Egorova & Nash #2: SVR agent Dominika Egorova is back in Moscow, but she despises the oligarchs and thugs of Putin's Russia, and is working as a double agent for the CIA. Her romantic involvement with CIA handler Nate Nash adds to her risk. And when a mole in the SVR finds her name on a restricted list of sources, it's a virtual death sentence) $9.99
McCafferty, Keith Crazy Mountain Kiss (Sean Stranahan #4: A teenage rodeo star's body has been found blocking the chimney of a rented cabin; the young woman's mother hires Sean Stranahan to investigate) $15.00
Moran, Terrie Farley Read to Death (Read Em & Eat #3: PBO; The book club hires Oscar Frieland to drive them on an excursion. When the man is later found dead in his van, the deputies have questions. Can the club members find answers?) $7.99
Morrigan, Laura Take the Monkey and Run (Call of the Wilde #4: PBO; In New Orleans to help find a woman's missing sister, Grace is distracted when her client's cat confirms that a monkey is loose in the neighborhood. The case gets complicated when Grace receives a cryptic warning that her client isn't what she seems) $7.99
Muller, Marcia Someone Always Knows (Sharon McCone #31: PI Sharon McCone has a new client who wants to get rid of a derelict house that's bothering the local homeowners' association. But the abandoned house holds secrets, and soon Sharon is contending with more than a simple eyesore) $26.00
Naughtie, James The Madness of July (Late 1970s: Trained as a spy for a life behind enemy lines, Will Flemying is now rising to the top in politics. But when a bizarre death begins to reveal some of his government's most sensitive secrets, Flemying is drawn back into the dangerous shadows of the Cold War) $17.95
Nesbo, Jo The Snowman (Harry Hole #7: Irascible Oslo police investigator Harry Hole becomes a pawn in a serial killer's terrifying game) $9.99
Patterson, J/Roughan, H Truth or Die (When his journalist girlfriend's latest story leads to a violent confrontation, attorney Trevor Mann chases her leads, unearthing evidence of a shocking secret. Now it's up to Trevor to keep it from falling into the wrong hands) $9.99
Pegau, Cathy Borrowing Death (Charlotte Brody #2: PBO; When Cordova's hardware store burns down, the owner's body is found inside - but he was stabbed to death. Suffragette journalist Charlotte Brody will need all her investigative acumen to find the killer among the welter of possible suspects) $15.00
Preston, D/Child, L Crimson Shore (Pendergast #15: Pendergast and his ward Constance travel to a Massachusetts village to investigate the theft of a priceless wine collection, and discover a bricked-up niche holding a crumbling skeleton. Then a corpse turns up in the marshes. Is there a connection to a legendary 17th-century witches' colony?) $9.99
Reed, Hannah Dressed to Kilt (Scottish Highlands #3: PBO; Eden attends a fancy whisky tasting with Leith Cameron. When a woman is found drowned in a vat, Eden steps in as a Special Constable to help with the case) $7.99
Satterthwait, Walter New York Nocturne (Miss Lizzie #2: NYC, 1920s: Amanda is enjoying a summer visit with her uncle. When everything changes in a single brutal night, she finds herself alone and fighting for her life. Fortunately, there's one person she can trust: Miss Lizzie Borden) $14.99
Schmitt, Gerry Little Girl Gone (Afton Tangler #1: In a Minneapolis suburb, a baby is abducted and her babysitter is violently assaulted. Family liaison officer Afton Tangler comes to suspect that whoever did this has taken babies before. Can she crack the case before more children go missing?) $26.00
Simenon, Georges Maigret Gets Angry (alternate title: Maigret in Retirement) (Maigret #26: Reissue; Although retired, Maigret is all but ordered to the small town of Orsennes by an elderly woman to investigate her granddaughter's drowning) $12.00
Stewart, Trenton Lee Mr. Benedict's Book of Perplexing Puzzles, Elusive Enigmas, and Curious Conundrums (Mysterious Benedict Society: Kids; A companion volume to the popular mystery series, featuring new puzzles, riddles, and brainteasers to solve) $8.99
Vallgren, Carl-Johan The Boy in the Shadows (Decades ago, Joel's brother was kidnapped from a Stockholm subway station. Now, when Joel goes missing, his wife turns to an old friend, computer programmer Danny Katz, for help) $26.99
Wiken, Linda Toasting Up Trouble (Dinner Club #1: PBO; J.J. Tanner is organizing an Italian princess party for a millionaire's daughter. When the hotshot chef she hired to do the catering is murdered, can J.J. and her foodie friends find the killer?) $7.99
Wilson, F. Paul Panacea (Faced with two charred corpses and no answers, medical examiner Laura Hanning finds herself enmeshed in an ancient conflict between rival secret societies) $25.99


Atkins, Ace The Innocents (Quinn Colson #6: Sheriff Quinn Colson, back on the job after a year away, investigates when a young woman is found walking down the middle of the highway engulfed in flames) $27.00
Block, Lawrence The Girl with the Deep Blue Eyes (Ex-cop Doak Miller works as a PI in a small Florida town, doing jobs for the local police. Like posing as a hitman and wearing a wire to incriminate a woman who's looking to get rid of her husband. But when he sees the woman, he falls hard, and winds up working with her on a devious plan to get free of her husband and put millions in her bank account) $9.95
Bruen, Ken Green Hell (Jack Taylor #11: A respected Galway professor has developed a savage habit that his friends in high places are only too happy to ignore; Jack Taylor sets his sights on vigilante justice) $15.00
Burdett, John The Bangkok Asset (Sonchai Jitpleecheep #6: Sonchai and his new partner Krom witness a deadly demonstration of super-human strength from a man who seems to be controlled by a CIA operative. Could the US have created a super-solider, and be testing him on Thai soil? And why is everyone so eager to turn a blind eye? The case leads to a Cambodian jungle compound for aging US veterans) $16.00
Carlotto, Massimo For All the Gold in the World (Alligator #5: Two years after his father was murdered in a robbery gone wrong, a boy asks Marco Buratti to find those responsible. He and his associates find themselves mixed up in a story involving contraband gold and gang vendettas) $15.00
Davies, David Stuart The Ripper Legacy (Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: Holmes and Watson investigate the case of a kidnapped child with no ransom note and a sinister connection to the highest echelons of Victorian society) $9.95
Davis, Lindsey The Graveyard of the Hesperides (Flavia Albia #4: Rome, 1st century CE: Flavia Albia investigates when her lover Faustus' renovation of a rundown tavern turns up human remains buried in the yard) $26.99
Downie, Ruth Vita Brevis (Ruso #7: After he and Tilla and their daughter arrive in Rome, Ruso thinks that he has has been offered a reputable medical practice, only to discover that his predecessor has fled, leaving behind a dead man in a barrel on the doorstep, and a warning: 'Be careful who you trust.') $26.00
Eriksson, Kjell Open Grave (Ann Lindell #10: Not everyone is happy that Professor Bertram von Ohler was awarded the Nobel Prize for medicine. When a series of pranks escalates into something more serious, police inspector Ann Lindell becomes involved in the case) $15.99
Gavin, Rohan Knightley & Son (Knightley & Son #1: Kids; While famous detective Alan Knightley was in a coma for four years, his son Darkus read all his dad's old cases. Good thing, because after Alan wakes up, they find themselves caught up in a conspiracy involving villainous masterminds and a bestselling book with the power to make people do terrible, terrible things) $7.99
Gavin, Rohan K-9 (Knightley & Son #2: Kids; The father and son detective duo investigate a series of bizarre canine-related crimes) $7.99
Gies, J/Gies, F Life in a Medieval Village (Reissue; Nonfiction. Historical context on the origin, development, and decline of the European village, centering on a village in the English East Midlands circa 1300 CE) $15.99
Harris, Shaun The Hemingway Thief (PBO; A stolen draft of a Hemingway story puts wannabe novelist Coop and his friend Grady on the trail of a long-lost suitcase full of unpublished Hemingway stories) $15.95
Hyde, Katherine Bolger Arsenic with Austen (Crime with the Classics #1: When Emily arrives in Stony Beach, Oregon, after inheriting her aunt's estate there, she learns of a covert plan to develop the town into a resort, and hears hints that her aunt was murdered. When another death confirms that, she and Sheriff Luke Richards investigate) $24.99
Ingleman-Sundberg, C. The Little Old Lady Who Broke All the Rules (League of Pensioners #1: When their retirement home starts cutting corners to save money, Martha Andersson and her friends decide to regain their independence and improve their lot by turning to white collar crime. After robbing a luxury hotel and pulling off a heist at the National Museum, with the police baffled and gangsters on their trail, can they stay one walker's length ahead in the game?) $15.99
Keller, Julia Last Ragged Breath (Bell Elkins #4: Royce Dillard doesn't remember much about the 1972 Buffalo Creek disaster - he was only 2 when negligent strip mining and heavy rain produced a flood that killed his parents, and nearly killed him. Now he's on trial for murder. Prosecutor Bell Elkins faces her toughest challenge yet in a case involving vengeance, greed, and the fierce struggle for social justice) $15.99
Lawson, Mike House Rivals (Joe DeMarco #10: Congressional fixer Joe DeMarco heads to North Dakota to protect a young blogger who is waging a relentless crusade against a billionaire oil tycoon with influential friends) $16.00
MacBird, Bonnie Art in the Blood (Sherlock Holmes: 1888: A letter from a French singer, whose illegitimate son by a British earl has disappeared, takes Holmes and Watson to Paris to investigate) $15.99
Matsumoto, Seicho A Quiet Place (Tsuneo Asai isn't surprised that his wife Eiko had a heart attack, but how did she end up dead in a small shop in Tokyo? What he learns about her leads to murder) $14.95
McDermid, Val (V.L) Forensics (Edgar and Anthony finalist. Nonfiction. A history of forensic science, real-world murders, and the people who solve them) $16.00
Perry, Marta How Secrets Die (House of Secrets #3: PBO; When she returns to Laurel Ridge, reporter Kate Beaumont will need the help of stubborn sheriff Mac Whiting to learn the truth about her half brother's sudden death) $7.99
Raybourn, Deanna A Curious Beginning (Veronica Speedwell #1: 1887: After her cottage is ransacked, explorer and naturalist Veronica Speedwell accepts sanctuary in London. When her benefactor is murdered, she and his associate, a cranky naturalist named Stoker, must evade unknown assailants while unraveling the threat against Veronica) $15.00
Robertson, Michael The Baker Street Jurors (Heath Brothers #5: A champion cricketer stands accused of murdering his wife with his own cricket bat. Nigel Heath finds himself serving on the jury, a task that proves hazardous as jurors start dropping like flies) $24.99
Ronka, Matti A Man with a Killer's Face (Viktor served lethally in the Soviet Special Forces, but now lives quietly in Helskinki, and helps ethnic Finns emigrating from Russia adjust to their new surroundings. When he is persuaded to search for a missing woman, the trail leads into the criminal underworld) $14.99
Rosenfelt, David Outfoxed (Andy Carpenter #14: Andy's dog rescue foundation has inmates at the local prison working with dogs to help make them more adoptable. When an inmate uses his dog to make an ingenious escape, and then winds up accused of murdering the man whose testimony put him away, Andy finds himself with a new legal client) $25.99
Ryan, Robert Dead Man's Land (John Watson #1: In the trenches of Flanders Fields, men are dying by the thousands every day, but a body with bizarre injuries puts Dr. John Watson on the trail of a murderer) $15.00
Silva, Daniel The Black Widow (Gabriel Allon #16: Gabriel Allon - art restorer, spy, and assassin - is poised to become the chief of Israel's secret intelligence service. But on the eve of his promotion, events conspire to lure him into the field for one final operation) $27.99
Smith, Alexander McCall Chance Developments (Collection. Short stories on the subjects of love and art, each inspired by an intriguing old photo) $26.00
Thurlo, Aimee & David Looking Through Darkness (Trading Post #2: After her husband is killed, Leigh Ann finds herself accused of helping him embezzle from his business partners, and suspected of killing him. When she turns to Melvin Littlewater for help, she finds him fighting his own demons. Together, they delve into the darkest moments in their pasts, searching for the truth) $15.99
Vine, Richard SoHo Sins (Philip and Amanda Oliver were the New York art scene's golden couple, until Amanda was found murdered and Philip confessed. But was he a continent away when she died? Art dealer Jackson Wyeth set out to learn the truth) $22.99


Aaronovitch, Ben The Hanging Tree (Peter Grant #6: In London, the Tyburn gallows once stood where Marble Arch stands today. The walk there, along Oxford Street and past Mayfair mansions, was the last trip of the condemned. The place has a bloody and haunted legacy, and now both blood and ghosts have returned to the mansions of the world's super rich. And blood mixed with magic is a job for Peter Grant) $7.99
Abbott, Allyson K. Shots in the Dark (Mack's Bar #4: PBO; Chilled by the murder of bouncer Gary Gunderson, bar owner Mack Dalton is determined to use her extraordinarily perceptive senses to identify the gunman responsible) $7.99
Adams, Ellery Murder in the Secret Garden (Book Retreat #3: PBO; Jane's current group of guests, the Medieval Herbalists, are particularly interested in the resort's locked garden of deadly plants. When one of them turns up dead, Jane must uncover a killer) $7.99
Alexander, Tasha The Adventuress (Lady Emily #10: The Duke of Bainbridge's engagement party on the French Riviera is cut short when one of his oldest friends is found poisoned in the Duke's hotel suite, raising the question of who the intended victim was. While Lady Emily puts the pieces of this puzzle together, odd incidents begin to plague both her and the Duke) $15.99
Andrews, Donna Lord of the Wings (Meg Langslow #19: The mayor has turned Caerphilly into Spooky City, USA. After the Haunted House burns down, Meg reluctantly volunteers her house as the replacement, but when a real body mars the town's creepy fun, it's up to Meg to save Halloween) $7.99
Andrews, Donna Die Like an Eagle (Meg Langslow #20: When the lookalike brother of petty, vindictive Biff Brown is found murdered, Meg suspects Biff might have been the intended victim) $25.99
Ballard, Mignon F. Miss Dimple and the Slightly Bewildered Angel (Miss Dimple #5: 1944: When a young woman is murdered, Miss Dimple teams up with new arrival Augusta Goodnight, a guardian angel, to find the killer) $25.99
Bannalec, Jean-Luc Murder on Brittany Shores (Georges Dupin #2: When 3 bodies wash ashore in the idyllic Glenan Islands, the deaths appear accidental, but as the victims' identities come to light, cantankerous Commissaire Dupin is pulled in to investigate cold-blooded murder) $24.99
Blaedel, Sara The Forgotten Girls (Louise Rick #7: Reissue; The search for the identity of a dead woman found in a Danish forest takes Louise Rick, new commander of the Missing Persons Department, ever closer to her own childhood home, where she uncovers more crimes that were committed and hidden in the forest) $9.99
Bowen, Rhys Malice at the Palace (Royal Spyness #9: Agatha finalist. As companion to Princess Marina of Greece, who is to marry Prince George, Georgie expects to live the high life in supposedly haunted Kensington Palace. Instead, while searching the palace for a ghost, Georgie finds the dead body of one of the prince's mistresses) $7.99
Bowen, Rhys Crowned and Dangerous (Royal Spyness #10: Nothing can deter Georgie and her beau Darcy from eloping - except the news that Darcy's father has been arrested for the murder of a wealthy American) $26.00
Box, C.J. Badlands (Cassie Dewell is the new deputy sheriff of Grimstad, a tiny town now booming as the oil capital of North Dakota. When the temperature drops to 30 below and a gang war heats up, Cassie realizes she may be in over her head - and the key to it all might be 12-year-old Kyle, who has been written off as 'slow' - and who keeps showing up where he doesn't belong) $9.99
Byron, Ellen Plantation Shudders (Cajun Country #1: Agatha finalist. The Crozat family's inn is full of guests for the local food festival. When two elderly honeymooners die within minutes of each other - one from very unnatural causes - Maggie Crozat teams up with Bo Durand, the town's handsome new detective, to investigate) $7.99
Cass, Laurie Cat with a Clue (Bookmobile Cat #5: PBO; Minnie finds a dead woman in the library early one day. The deceased was in Chilson to attend a funeral; what was she doing in the library after hours? Can Minnie and her cat Eddie track down the killer?) $7.99
Castle, Richard Driving Heat (Nikki Heat #7: Reporter Jameson Rook's latest investigation causes trouble both professionally and personally for newly promoted NYPD Captain Nikki Heat) $9.99
Cates, Bailey Spells and Scones (Magical Bakery #6: PBO; When an advice columnist comes to town for a book signing, Katie provides treats for the events, and winds up investigating when an ex-witch is found standing over the author's dead body) $7.99
Chazin, Suzanne A Blossom of Bright Light (Jimmy Vega #2: With tensions in the community at a boiling point, detective Jimmy Vega turns to his girlfriend, activist Adele Figueroa, for help with a dangerous murder investigation) $9.99
Cleeves, Ann Thin Air (Shetland #6: When a London visitor disappears and her body turns up in a small loch, detectives Jimmy Perez and Willow Reeves are dispatched to investigate. The dead woman claimed to have seen the ghost of a local child who drowned in the 1920s. Is there a secret behind that myth, one someone would kill to protect?) $15.99
Coben, Harlan Fool Me Once (Maya sees an unthinkable image captured by her nanny cam while she is at work: her young daughter playing with her husband Joe - who was murdered two weeks earlier. But can she believe what she sees, even when she desperately wants to?) $9.99
Coco, Nancy All You Need Is Fudge (Candy-coated #4: PBO; When Allie and her dog find a dead body in the murky waters of the marina, and suspicion falls on her boyfriend's sister, Allie dives into investigating the murder herself) $7.99
Coel, Margaret The Man Who Fell from the Sky (Wind River #19: Rumors fly when Robert Walking Bear dies while hunting for Butch Cassidy's buried loot. When one of his cousins is murdered as well, Arapaho attorney Vicky Holden and Father John O'Malley set out to find the killer) $7.99
Connelly, Michael The Brass Verdict (Harry Bosch #14 / Mickey Haller #2: Reissue; Anthony winner; Steel Dagger shortlist. Defense attorney Mickey Haller and detective Harry Bosch team up to catch a Hollywood lawyer's killer) $9.99
Connolly, John A Time of Torment (Charlie Parker #14: Jerome Burnel, a man destroyed by his own heroism, tells his story to PI Charlie Parker. Now Parker is ready to wage war on the men who use intimidation and murder to rule an isolated community in the name of the being they serve - the Dead King) $26.99
Cotterill, Colin I Shot the Buddha (Dr. Siri #11: 1979: A cryptic note from a missing housemate sends retired coroner Dr. Siri Paiboun and his friends on a mission to help a Buddhist monk escape across the river to Thailand, a task that finds them running afoul of Lao secret service officers and famous spiritualists) $26.95
Cussler, C/Blake, R The Solomon Curse (Fargo #7: There are many rumors about the bay off Guadalcanal in the Solomon Islands: sunken treasure; cannibal giants; a curse. How can treasure-hunters Sam and Remi Fargo resist?) $9.99
DiSilverio, Laura The Readaholics and the Gothic Gala (Book Club #3: PBO; At the Celebration of Gothic Novels, the festivities start smoothly, but are soon marred by large egos, old resentments, uninvited guests, and a dead body) $7.99
Downing, Taylor Secret Warriors: The Spies, Scientists, and Code Breakers of World War I (A look at the engineers, chemists, code-breakers, physicists, doctors, mathematicians, and intelligence gatherers of the Great War, and how their discoveries laid the foundations for many of the innovations of the 20th century) $17.95
Du Brul, Jack The Lightning Stones (Philip Mercer #8: On a trip to Minnesota's Leister Deep Mine, geologist and adventurer Philip Mercer discovers that someone has attacked a friend's research team, and goes looking for answers - and revenge) $9.99
Dufranne, Michel (ed) Brussels Noir (PBO; Anthology. Original crime stories set in Brussels, Belgium) $15.95
Ferris, Monica Knit Your Own Murder (Needlecraft #19: When a woman is poisoned at a fund-raising auction, her ruthless business rival finds himself a prime suspect. Betsy is determined to uncover the real murderer) $26.00
Finch, Charles Home by Nightfall (Charles Lenox #9: London, 1876: Lenox is investigating the disappearance of a famous foreign pianist when his grieving brother asks him to come to Sussex. There, as they look into a series of small thefts, he realizes that something strange and serious may be afoot. Soon he is racing to solve both cases before either turns deadly) $15.99
Fluke, Joanne Wicked (PBO; At an exclusive writing workshop, the deadlines are tight, the pressure intense, and the competition incredibly fierce. One attendee is writing a murder mystery based on the workshop. It's a brilliant idea, until life begins to imitate art) $7.99
Franklin, Tom (ed) Mississippi Noir (PBO; Anthology. Original crime stories set in the Deep South) $15.95
Freisenbruch, Annelise Rivals of the Republic (Blood of Rome #1: 70 BCE: A Vestal Virgin's body has been found in the Tiber, and a senator has bled to death in his bath. When the authorities turn a blind eye, Hortensia begins investigating, despite her husband's and father's attempts to stop her) $26.95
Gerber, Daryl Wood Grilling the Subject (Cookbook Nook #5: PBO; Sylvia Gump has made plenty of enemies among her neighbors, including Cary Hart. When she turns up dead and Cary doesn't have an alibi, can Jenna clear her dad's name?) $7.99
Gerritsen, Tess Playing with Fire (Thriller finalist. When violinist Julia Ansdell plays the Incendio Waltz, a piece of music that she found in a strange antique shop, she blacks out and awakens to find her small daughter implicated in acts of surprising violence. Traveling to Venice to find the previous owner of the music, she uncovers a heart-stoppingly dark secret) $9.99
Grafton, Sue X (Kinsey Milhone #24: Kinsey is up against a serial killer who leaves no trace of his crimes. She can identify him, but can she prove her case against him before she becomes his next victim?) $9.99
Grisham, John Rogue Lawyer (Lawyer Sebastian Rudd works out of a customized bulletproof van, and defends people other lawyers won't go near. He believes everyone is entitled to a fair trial, even if he has to cheat to secure one) $9.99
Hamilton, Victoria Much Ado About Muffin (Merry Muffin #4: PBO; When Merry discovers her foe Minnie dead at the post office, suspicion falls on visiting opera singer Roma Toscano. Can Merry clear her guest's name?) $7.99
Herriman, Nancy No Pity for the Dead (Celia Davies #2: PBO; San Franciso, 1860s: When Owen, an orphan Celia has befriended, finds a dead body in the basement of the office he works at, Celia turns to detective Nick Greaves for help) $15.00
Hesse, Jennifer D. Midsummer Night's Mischief (Wiccan Wheel #1: PBO; A client's family blames attorney Keli Milanni for the loss of a Shakespearean heirloom worth millions, and Keli's career may be on the line. Good thing she has her private practice as a Wiccan to fall back on. With a Renaissance Faire and a literary convention in town, there are plenty of suspicious characters around, and Keli decides to tap into her unique skills to crack the case) $7.99
Holm, Chris The Killing Kind (Anthony finalist. Once a covert operative, now Michael Hendricks kills people for money, but he only hits other hitmen. Not a bad way for a guy with his skill-set to make a living, until he winds up a target himself) $15.99
Holmes, Julianne Clock and Dagger (Clock Shop #2: PBO; After Ruth discovers a competitor's dead body, the local residents chime in with theories about the crime. Ruth is determined to see that the killer serves time) $7.99
Hunter, Seth The Flag of Freedom (Nathan Peake #5: 1797: Napoleon's army is poised to invade Britain. To clear himself from an accusation of treason, Captain Peake must uncover the truth about Napoleon's invasion plans) $19.95
Jackson, Lisa After She's Gone (West Coast #3: When Allie's double is shot on the set, and Allie disappears, her sister Cassie finds herself a suspect, and ends up in a psych ward. Is she imagining the figure at her bedside, whispering about Allie? Is someone trying to help - or drive her mad?) $9.99
Janes, J. Robert The Little Parachute (German-occupied Paris: Martin is not Angelique's son, but she loves him as though he was. He came to her from the sky, on a parachute dropped by the British, and if the Germans learn his true identity, it will mean certain death for both of them) $15.99
Jennings, Maureen Dead Ground in Between (Tom Tyler #4: 1942: DI Tom Tyler investigates when an old man disappears during a winter storm, only to be found murdered) $19.95
Kelly, Diane Death, Taxes, and a Satin Garter (Tara Holloway #10: PBO; IRS agent Tara Holloway goes head to head with a talk show host who is giving listeners shady tax advice, and pursues a catfishing Casanova who is relieving lonely ladies of their valuables) $7.99
Kingsmill, Suzanne F. Crazy Dead (Cordi O'Callaghan #4: PBO; Clinically depressed, Cordi is admitted to a psych ward in Toronto. When one of the patients dies, can Cordi convince the skeptical staff that the woman was murdered?) $11.99
Land, Jon Strong Light of Day (Caitlin Strong #7: Texas Ranger Caitlin Strong's latest investigation pits her against a ruthless billionaire whose pesticide may have poisoned a large swath of the state) $9.99
Laurie, Victoria A Grave Prediction (Psychic Eye #14: Professional psychic Abby Cooper is in San Diego to help train FBI officers to use their intuition. They're supposed to be cracking a series of bank robberies, but instead Abby gets a vision of four buried bodies) $25.00
Lescroart, John The Fall (Dismas Hardy #19: Rebecca Hardy defends a volunteer Court Appointed Special Advocate who finds himself accused of murdering a client's sister) $9.99
Lester, Meera A Beeline to Murder (Henny Penny #1: PBO; Cop turned farmer Abby Mackenzie is enjoying a peaceful life raising chickens, keeping bees, and growing heirloom vegetables. But when she finds a local pastry chef dead in his shop, her investigative instincts kick in) $7.99
Low, A.J. Sherlock Sam and the Missing Heirloom in Katong (Sherlock Sam #1: Kids; Sherlock Sam is Singapore's greatest kid detective. When his auntie's precious Peranakan cookbook disappears, he investigates with the help of his trusty robot Watson) $7.99
Low, A.J. Sherlock Sam and the Ghostly Moans in Fort Canning (Sherlock Sam #2: Kids; Sam and his robot sidekick Watson faces an intriguing puzzle when ghostly sounds fill the air at one of Singapore's beloved historical attractions. Ghosts don't exist - or do they?) $7.99
Moss, Todd Minute Zero (Judd Ryker #2: US State Department crisis manager Judd Ryker is thrown into a developing emergency in Zimbabwe, where a longtime strongman is being challenged for the presidency) $9.99
Neville, Stuart Those We Left Behind (7 years ago, 12-year-old Ciaran confessed to the brutal murder of his foster father, mitigating his older brother's sentence. But DCI Flanagan has always harbored doubts about the confession. Ciaran's release means several things: a reunion with Thomas, who still wields dangerous influence over his brother; a call to action for a man bent on avenging his father's death; and major trouble for Ciaran's probation officer) $15.95
O'Brien, Kevin You'll Miss Me When I'm Gone (PBO; Andrea Boyle moved to Seattle to give her nephew Spencer a fresh start after his parents died. When tragedy strikes, it's up to Andrea to prove Spencer's innocence to the police - and to herself) $9.99
Patterson, J/Ledwidge, M Alert (Michael Bennett #8: A crippled transit system Millions without power. A reeling city desperate for answers. NYC needs Michael Bennett more than ever) $9.99
Penny, Louise The Nature of the Beast (Armand Gamache #11: Agatha finalist. Young Laurent tells tales, from alien invasions, to walking trees, to winged beast in the woods, to dinosaurs in Three Pines. But when the boy disappears, the villagers are faced with the possibility that one of his tall tales was true. And what they uncover deep in the forest sets off a dark chain of events) $15.99
Phillips, Scott (ed) St. Louis Noir (PBO; Anthology. Original crime stories set in St. Louis, Missouri) $15.95
Rickman, Phil Friends of the Dusk (Merrily Watkins #13: The new owners of a 12th-century house approach Merrily about performing an exorcism, but no one can be told - especially the new bishop, who believes the Church must phase out archaic practices. What Merrily learns about the house's history threatens to expose a more modern cult and its trail of insidious abuse) $13.95
Robb, J.D. Brotherhood in Death (Eve Dallas #42: When Edward Mira disappears, NYPSD Lt. Eve Dallas is determined to uncover the man's secrets, and learn what enemies he may have made in his long career as a lawyer, judge, and senator) $7.99
Robinson, Peter In the Dark Places (Alan Banks #22: DCI Alan Banks and his team investigate the disappearance of two young men; the inquiry takes a darker turn when, in the wreckage of a crashed truck, they find a body that was dead well before the crash) $14.99
Rollins, James The Bone Labyrinth (SIGMA Force #11: A Catholic chapel, hidden for centuries in a Croatian cavern, holds the bones of a Neanderthal woman. And in a nearby cavern, elaborate primitive paintings depict an immense battle between Neanderthals and monstrous shadowy figures. What are they? The search for the truth will take SIGMA Force 50,000 years into the past) $9.99
Ryan, Robert The Dead Can Wait (John Watson #2: Dr. John Watson is in England, helping rehabilitate shellshocked soldiers, when the British government calls on him to find out what caused the deaths of a group of soldiers testing a secret weapon) $15.00
Ryan, Robert A Study in Murder (John Watson #3: 1917: Dr. John Watson is providing medical assistance to British prisoners in a German POW camp. When his investigation into heinous events at the camp puts him in peril, he'll need some long-distance help from his old friend Sherlock Holmes to escape) $15.00
Scottoline, Lisa Accused (Rosato & Associates #12: 6 years ago, Fiona Gardner was murdered, and, in what seemed like an open-and-shut case, Lonnie Stall pled guilty. But 13-year-old Allegra Gardner believes Lonnie is innocent, and wants the firm to prove it) $8.99
Simenon, Georges Maigret in New York (alternate title: Maigret in New York's Underworld) (Maigret #27: Reissue; The threat of danger to businessman John Maura takes Maigret to New York; things take an odd turn when Maura's son disappears instead) $12.00
Spindler, Erica The First Wife (A woman marries a man she barely knows, only to discover that his first wife disappeared mysteriously) $7.99
Staub, Wendy Corsi Blue Moon (Mundy's Landing #2: PBO; A century ago, the Sleeping Beauty Murders terrified Mundy's Landing. The victims and the killer were never identified. Now the town historical society is offering a hefty reward for solving the crimes - and a copycat killer is planning to reenact them) $7.99
Sweeney, Leann The Cat, the Collector and the Killer (Cats in Trouble #8: PBO; A woman is found wandering the streets, disoriented and carrying a kitten in a tote. A search of her home reveals many more cats, and a murdered man. The evidence points to the woman, but Jillian sets out to find the real culprit) $7.99
Taylor, Patrick Only Wounded (Collection. Stories of the Irish Troubles, centering on the hopes and despairs of everyday life in times of bloody sectarian violence) $15.99
Tracy, P.J. The Sixth Idea (Monkeewrench #7: A series of murders and disappearances sends homicide detectives Leo Magozzi and Gino Rolseth straight to Monkeewrench for help. The search for answers leads sixty years into the past) $27.00
Tran, Vu Dragonfish (When his Vietnamese ex-wife disappears, cop Robert Ruen searches for her through the sleek and seedy gambling dens of Las Vegas, and finds himself chasing the ghosts of her past) $15.95
Tremayne, Peter The Second Death (Sister Fidelma #25: Ireland, 671 CE: Fidelma and Eadulf's enjoyment of the Great Fair of Cashel is interrupted by a pair of corpses) $26.99
Vallere, Diane Silk Stalkings (Material Witness #3: PBO; When a local millionaire is found dead, Poly's friend Charlie Brooks is caught up in the crime after being seen with the prime suspect. Can Poly get to the truth?) $7.99
Wishart, David Foreign Bodies (Marcus Corvinus #18: 42 CE: Emperor Claudius dispatches Corvinus to Gaul to investigate a wine merchant's murder) $29.99
Wood, Tom A Time to Die (Victor #6: PBO; Now working for British Intelligence, assassin Victor is tasked with eliminating a Serbian war criminal, a former paramilitary commander who heads an organized crime network) $9.99
Woods, Stuart Smooth Operator (Teddy Fay #1: Teddy Fay - ex-CIA, master of disguise, and a man not overly bothered by legal niceties - is just the man President Kate Lee needs to handle an urgent matter) $28.00


Bauer, Belinda Rubbernecker (Gold Dagger shortlist. Patrick Fort, a medical student with Asperger's, finds the body he is examining in anatomy class is trying to tell him all kinds of things. But no one else hears what he does. Can he solve a murder when no one else believes a crime has taken place?) $16.00
Benn, James R. The White Ghost (Billy Boyle #10: 1943: In the middle of the hard-fought Solomon Islands campaign, the Kennedy family sends Lt. Billy Boyle to investigate a murder in which PT skipper Jack Kennedy has been implicated) $15.95
Crider, Bill Survivors Will Be Shot Again (Dan Rhodes #23: There's always something for Texas sheriff Dan Rhodes to look into, whether it's an attempted robbery, a marijuana patch guarded by an alligator, or a murder) $25.99
Daneshvari, Gitty The League of Unexceptional Children (Kids; Are you average? Normal? Prone to be overlooked? If so, the League of Unexceptional Children wants to train you to be a spy!) $6.99
Evanovich, J/Sutton, P Curious Minds (Knight & Moon #1: Riley Moon is an analyst at a big bank, where she uncovers what looks like an embezzlement scheme leading straight to the top. With his gold missing and analysts disappearing, eccentric Emerson Knight, the bank's biggest client, teams up with Riley to undertake his own investigation) $28.00
Fossum, Karin The Drowned Boy (Inspector Sejer #11: Inspector Skarre and Inspector Sejer investigate the suspicious death of a toddler with Down syndrome) $14.95
Johnstone, Doug The Jump (Struggling to come to terms with her son's suicide, Ellie lingers near the Forth Road Bridge. One day she talks down another suicidal teen, not realizing it will involve her with a troubled family with some very dark secrets) $14.95
Khan, Vaseem The Perplexing Theft of the Jewel in the Crown (Baby Ganesh Agency #2: While Ashwin Chopra is visiting an exhibition of the British Crown Jewels in Mumbai, the Koh-i-Noor diamond is stolen in a seemingly impossible heist. The hunt is on for the culprits, but it soon becomes clear that only one man - and his elephant - can crack the case) $15.99
Mofina, Rick Free Fall (Kate Page #4: PBO; As investigators scramble to pinpoint the link between a pair of plane crashes, reporter Kate Page receives a message from someone boasting of being responsible - and threatening another crash) $9.99
Patterson, James et al Triple Threat: Cross Kill / Zoo 2 / Break Point (Omnibus reprint. 3 short novels) $9.99
Petrie, Nicholas The Drifter (Peter Ash #1: When a friend from the Marines commits suicide, traumatized veteran Peter Ash helps the man's widow with some home repairs. Under her porch, he finds the ugliest, meanest dog he's ever encountered - and a suitcase stuffed with cash and explosives) $16.00
Rankin, Ian The Beat Goes On (John Rebus: Collection. All the stories featuring the Scottish detective, including previously unpublished works) $16.99
Rees, Matt (Beynon) The Damascus Threat (Dominic Verrazzano #1: ICE special agent Dominic Verrazzano has uncovered a plot to launch a chemical attack in New York. But what exactly is the target, and how deep does the conspiracy go? The only clue leads him to Syria) $15.99
Robinson, Peter When the Music's Over (Alan Banks #23: Newly promoted Detective Superintendent Alan Banks investigates when a woman claims she was assaulted decades earlier by a man now regarded as a national treasure. Meanwhile, DI Annie Banks investigates when a girl is found dead on a remote roadside) $25.99
Storey, Erik Nothing Short of Dying (Clyde Barr is a drifter with lethal skills, back home in Colorado after roaming three continents. When a frantic call for help from his sister is suddenly disconnected, all he knows is that nothing short of dying will stop him from rescuing her) $25.00

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