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Archived Newsletter Content


Newsletter #112 December, 2015 February, 2016

Recently Received & Forthcoming Mysteries


Mystery Scene #141 (Longmire rides again; Julia Keller: Appalachian tales; Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: Holmesian all-star; Ida Lupino: groundbreaking noir filmmaker; reviews; more) $7.50
Aird, Catherine Last Writes (Inspector Sloan: Collection. 22 short stories, many featuring Inspector Sloan and his assistant Crosby) $16.95
Aird, Catherine Last Writes (Collection. 22 short stories, many featuring Inspector Sloan and his assistant Crosby) $29.95
Beck, K.K. Tipping the Valet (Workplace #4: PBO; Affable young parking valet Tyler Benson, a master of bad timing, winds up accidentally involved in auto theft and murder on the lot of an upscale Seattle restaurant. And the more he tries to sort things out, the more the police are convinced he's the guilty party) $15.95
Belcamino, Kristi Blessed Are Those Who Mourn (Gabriella Giovanni #4: PBO; When women students are found murdered, with Bible verses left on their bodies - the same verses that the man Gabriella suspects of murdering her sister sent to her years ago - she wonders if the killer is trying to send her a message. And when evil strikes her family, her worst fears are confirmed) $11.99
Bond, Michael Monsieur Pamplemousse and the Tangled Web (Pamplemousse #18: Monsieur Pamplemousse and his trusty dog Pommes Frites are faced with a series of conundrums that Leclercq fears are all related to his mobster uncle-in-law. The seemingly random problems prove to overlap and tangle at every turn, and it becomes apparent something sinister is going on - and it doesn't seem to relate to Uncle Caputo at all) $16.95
Booth, Stephen The Murder Road (Cooper & Fry #15: The English village of Shawhead has one road in and one road out. And on that road this morning is an abandoned vehicle, with an ominous bloodstain inside. Where and who are the driver? Whose blood is it? Why are the villagers so hostile toward detective Ben Cooper?) $11.99
Briggs, J.C. Death at Hungerford Stairs (Dickens & Jones #2: PBO; London, 1849: The search for a missing boy puts novelist Charles Dickens and Superintendent Jones of Bow Street on the trail of a killer responsible for the deaths of several children) $16.95
Camin, Hector Aguilar Death in Veracruz (During the oil wars of the late 1970s, a journalist investigates the death of a colleague and friend in a bizarre shooting incident in a rural Mexican village. He finds himself up against crooked cops and a ruthless union boss - and also discovers his friend was not all he seemed) $16.95
Cooper, Susan Rogers Dead to the World (E.J. Pugh #12: What could be nicer than a 20th anniversary trip to a B&B in the Texas Hills? Unfortunately, E.J. and Willis have barely arrived before they're confronted with harrowing tales of strange goings-on, and a pair of self-proclaimed psychic detectives show up. When E.J. discovers a body, she's determined to find out what's really going on) $17.95
Craig, James Time of Death (alternate title: Never Apologise, Never Explain) (John Carlyle #2: When Agatha Mills is killed, her husband Henry is the only suspect. But Henry refuses to confess, and comes up with an alternate version of events that is nearly impossible to investigate. Inspector Carlyle just wants to put the murder to bed, but when a distraught Henry kills himself on the way to prison, doubts begin to surface) $11.99
Craig, James Buckingham Palace Blues (John Carlyle #3: When Inspector Carlyle discovers a disoriented girl near Buckingham Palace, he takes it upon himself to find out who she is and where she's from. His hunt takes him from Ukrainian gangsters in North London to the lower reaches of the British aristocracy, and puts him on the trail of a child-trafficking ring) $11.99
Craig, James The Criminals We Deserve (alternate title: The Circle) (John Carlyle #4: When the body of a journalist is found in the back of a garbage truck, Inspector Carlyle is thrown into the middle of a scandal that threatens to expose corrupt links between the police, Parliament, and a hugely powerful media mogul) $11.99
Craig, James Then We Die (John Carlyle #5: Inspector Carlyle stumbles across the execution of a wealthy businessman in a London luxury hotel room. The victim is the latest casualty in a string of murders committed by a ruthless Israeli hit squad. Going up against the deadly crew could prove fatal, but Carlyle dives headfirst into the investigation) $11.99
Craig, James A Man of Sorrows (John Carlyle #6: While investigating a priest who has engaged in less-than-pious activities, Inspector Carlyle butts heads with an old adversary: Christian Holyrod, the Mayor of London, is hosting an upcoming visit from the pope, and wants to keep any scandals involving the Church out of the public eye) $11.99
Daly, Elizabeth And Dangerous to Know (Henry Gamadge #14: Reissue; Alice Dunbar was a very proper upper East Side woman. No one can think of any reason she would go missing, and yet she does shortly after the death of an elderly aunt. As Gamadge traces Alice's last trip, he turns up a secret life no one suspected) $12.95
Doherty, Paul C. The Book of Fires (Brother Athelstan #14: February, 1381: Brother Athelstan must track down a ruthless killer known as the Fire Bringer, who appears to be targeting those involved in the trial of Lady Isolda Beaumont, who burned at the stake for murdering her husband. But was she really guilty? And what does the Fire Bringer really want?) $17.95
Douglas, Carole Nelson Cat in a Zebra Zoot Suit (Midnight Louie #27: When a recent murder echoes a bizarre decades-old slaying, feline PI Midnight Louie and his human Temple must figure out why a abandoned 1950s night club has become a nexus of death and greed) $18.99
Emerson, Kathy Lynn Murder in the Queen's Wardrobe (Rosamund Jaffrey #1: London, 1582: With Queen Elizabeth's cousin Lady Mary being courted by Ivan the Terrible, Sir Francis Walsingham recruits Mistress Rosamond Jaffrey to serve as lady-in-waiting, and use her talent for languages and knowledge of ciphers to gather intelligence. But there are members of the court willing to do anything to thwart the marriage, putting both Rosamond and Lady Mary in mortal danger) $17.95
Freeman, Philip Saint Brigid's Bones (Sister Deirdre #1: In ancient Ireland, ruled by kings and druids, the nuns of Saint Brigid are fighting to keep their monastery alive. Now the saint's bones have gone missing from their church. Young Sister Deirdre, trained as a bard and raised by a druid grandmother, will need all her skills, both as a bard and as a nun, to find the bones) $14.95
Grant, Maxwell The North Woods Mystery / Death About Town (Shadow #96: Pulp reprints) $14.95
Grant, Maxwell Crime at Seven Oaks / The Northdale Mystery (Shadow #97: Pulp reprints) $14.95
Grant, Maxwell Gems of Doom / Tear-drops of Buddha (Shadow #98: Pulp reprints) $14.95
Gregory, Susanna The Cheapside Corpse (Thomas Chaloner #10: 1665: There is plague in the streets, the Dutch fleet is preparing to invade, and a banking crisis leaves the government with no means of paying for defense. When a banker is murdered, spy Thomas Chaloner is tasked with investigating) $14.95
Harvey, John Darkness, Darkness (Charlie Resnick #13: 30 years ago, the British Miners Strike threatened to tear England apart, and Charlie Resnick, while ambivalent about some of the police tactics, ran a surveillance unit. Now the discovery of the body of a young woman who disappeared during the Strike brings Resnick back to the front line to investigate) $14.95
Hays, Tony Shakespeare No More (PBO; 1616: William Shakespeare is mortally ill with a fever, but when Constable Simon Sadler arrives at his bedside, Shakespeare tells him poison is responsible. When Sadler investigates his old friend's death, he finds himself tangled in two murders, and a conspiracy that reaches to the queen's own doorstep) $15.95
Hill, Suzette A. Venetian Venture (Rosy Gilchrist #2: 1954: Rosy's boss at the British Museum sends her to Venice to track down a rare book and bring it back for the collection. Rosy hopes to manage some sightseeing, but a bounty is being offered for the item, and Rosy's rivals will stop at nothing, not even murder, to get their hands on it) $16.95
Hjortsberg, William Manana (All Tod remembers when he wakes up next to a dead prostitute is that he had his first shot of heroin the night before. He and his wife Linda were partying with their new neighbors, a trio of parole violators who fled to Mexico. Now the place is empty, except for Tod's bloody hunting knife. Did he kill the woman, or was he left behind as the fall guy? And where is Linda?) $13.99
Japp, Andrea The Lady Agnes Mystery Volume 1: The Season of the Beast / The Breath of the Rose (Lady Agnes #1 / #2: Reissue; 1304: The King of France and the Church are locked in a battle for power that will also decide the fate of the Knights Templar and Hospitaller. In the Normandy countryside, young lady of the manor Agnes de Souarcy fights to retain her independent way of life. These two worlds collide when murders take place near Souarcy, and clues are found that implicate Agnes. Unaware of the political and religious agendas behind these events, can Agnes defend herself and keep the Inquisition at bay?) $18.95
Jecks, Michael Fields of Glory (Hundred Years' War #1: 1346 CE: England's King Edward III is determined to pursue his claim to the French throne, but despite his victories, he has not brought the French to a decisive battle. He plans a new attack, total war, against peasant and freeman, farmer and nobleman. No one will be left unchanged, least of all Sir John de Sully's vintaine of archers) $13.50
Jones, G. Wayman Brand of the Black Bat / Murder Calls the Black Bat (Black Bat #1: Pulp reprints) $14.95
Kanaris, Leo Codename Xenophon (George Zafiris #1: Athens-based PI George Zafiris investigates murders the police show no interest in. When a professor, a politician, and a journalist all die suspiciously, a gang of Georgian thugs may know why) $15.99
Lake, Deryn The Moonlit Door (Nick Lawrence #3: A Medieval Fair in the sleepy Sussex village of Lakehurst, complete with maypole dancing, archers, and Morris dancers, is a great success, but ends in tragedy when a young orphan is found shot through the heart with an arrow and covered with the ribbons from the maypole. It's up to Reverend Lawrence and DI Tennant to find out who committed the horrific crime) $17.95
Lambert, Linda A Rapture of Ravens (Justine Jenner #3: Anthropologist Justine Jenner heads to Taos to investigate D.H. Lawrence's mysterious journey there) $15.95
Maki, Reijo The Sheriff (Jussi Vares: In the coastal city of Turku, the mutilated body of a man wearing only a bridal veil is discovered in a backyard swing; a woman is dead inside the house. When the murders go unsolved, Jussi Vares is hired. The case takes the wisecracking PI and his friends deep inside the Turku underworld) $13.95
Marsh, Ngaio Clutch of Constables (Roderick Alleyn #25: Reissue; Inspector Alleyn's wife, painter Agatha Troy, is fond of the paintings of John Constable, and jumps at the chance to take a river cruise through the part of England he painted. Her enthusiasm dims a little when she learns the ticket became available because a previous passenger was murdered in his cabin - it seems by a notorious international art thief) $14.95
Marsh, Ngaio When in Rome (Roderick Alleyn #26: Reissue; 1968: Inspector Alleyn, in Rome assisting the Italian police with an international drug-smuggling case, winds up investigating when a member of a tourist group is murdered) $14.95
Marsh, Ngaio Tied Up in Tinsel (Roderick Alleyn #27: Reissue; Edgar finalist. 1972: Agatha Troy is painting the host of a country house Christmas party, and enjoying the local holiday pageant. Then one of the players disappears. Was one of the eccentric guests involved? Or one of the servants, all recent prison parolees? Luckily, Agatha's husband Inspector Alleyn arrives to wrap up the questions) $14.95
Marsh, Ngaio Black As He's Painted (Roderick Alleyn #28: Reissue; Inspector Alleyn's old school chum, 'the Boomer', is now president of the new African nation of Ng'ombwana. For his official visit to London, he insists that Alleyn handle his security. When the Ng'ombwanan ambassador is killed, Alleyn investigates with some assistance from rescued cat Lucy Lockett, who proves extremely adept at finding clues) $14.95
Marston, Edward Five Dead Canaries (Home Front Detective #3: 1916: Five women munitions workers are celebrating a birthday; when all but one are killed in an explosion, Scotland Yard suggests it's the work of a German spy, but Inspector Marmion and Sergeant Keedy suspect the killer is a local) $16.95
Marston, Edward Ticket to Oblivion (Robert Colbeck #11: 1858: Young Imogen Burnhope and her maid Rhoda boarded a nonstop train to Oxford, but they seem to have vanished into thin air. Inspector Colbeck and Sergeant Leeming are assigned to the case. Is the girl a runaway? Or is something more sinister afoot?) $16.95
Marston, Edward Inspector Colbeck's Casebook (Robert Colbeck: Collection. 13 short stories featuring the quick-witted Victorian railway detective) $16.95
McLean, Russel D. Cry Uncle (J. McNee #5: Working undercover on behalf of the police, Dundee PI J. McNee is tasked with getting close to gangster David Burns to uncover his secrets. As Burns' new right-hand man, McNee is expected to follow orders and get his hands dirty. Caught in the middle of a vicious turf war, McNee will have to change the rules to survive) $17.95
Medieval Murderers The Deadliest Sin (Anthology. 1348 CE: When a group of pilgrims are forced to seek shelter at an inn, their host dares them to tell their stories of sins. Tales of lust, greed, gluttony, sloth, anger, envy, and pride follow) $16.00
Medieval Murderers The False Virgin (Anthology. 7 linked mysteries. 848 CE: Bernwyn of Lythe chose to remain a virgin dedicated to Christ, and was murdered in a chapel. St. Bernwyn comes to be regarded as the patron saint of those suffering certain diseases, and many visit her shrines. But it seems anywhere she is venerated, bitter rivalry breaks out. Why? What if she was not all she seemed? Could the saintly deeds attributed to her have been carried out by someone else?) $13.95
Medieval Murderers The First Murder (Anthology. 6 linked mysteries. Beginning in 1199, a play is performed throughout the ages in many guises; after each performance, bad luck and death seem to follow those involved in each production) $9.99
Moon, D.B. He's Either Dead or in St. Paul (Saint Paul, 1928: Thugs Sly and Eightball betray their boss, form an uneasy alliance, and kidnap a priest, hoping he can decipher a mysterious document they hope will lead them to riches beyond their dreams. The mob and a crooked cop are out for blood, and will do everything in their power to stop them; Signed copies) $16.95
Nadel, Barbara A Passion for Killing (Cetin Ikmen #9: Reissue; A man found dead in a hotel room may be the latest victim of a serial killer. The body is delivered to forensics, but is entirely clean. Has it been tampered with? The Turkish Secret Service pressures Inspector Suleyman to keep his findings to himself. Meanwhile, Inspector Ikmen investigates the death of a young dealer who was about to sell a carpet that belonged to Lawrence of Arabia) $13.95
Rickman, Phil The Bones of Avalon (Dr. John Dee #1: When dangerous questions arise about Queen Elizabeth's legitimacy, Robert Dudley and astrologer John Dee are sent to Glastonbury to find King Arthur's missing bones. But the quest turns deadly, and Dee finds himself caught in the tangled roots of English magic - and the cold heart of a plot against the Queen) $12.95
Rickman, Phil The House of Susan Lulham (Merrily Watkins: Novella. Zoe and Jonathan Mahonie are newcomers to Hereford, apparently unaware that their house's walls had been coated with a previous owner's lifeblood. How is diocesan exorcist Merrily Watkins to know if Zoe Mahonie is lying or deluded when she claims the wrathful Susan Lulham is still in residence? Then comes another bloody death. Who is the real killer?) $19.95
Sahin, Ozgur K. The Wrath of Brotherhood (Brethren of the Spanish Main #1: Captain Roy Toppings' quest to avenge his sister's death lands him and his privateer crew in the middle of political intrigue and a deadly invasion in the West Indies as the nations of Europe struggle to consolidate power there) $27.95
Sharp, Zoe Killer Instinct (Charlie Fox #1: Reissue; Charlie Fox teaches self-defense to women, passing on the finer points of roundhouse kicks, running like hell, and breaking a cheekbone when necessary. Her skills come in handy when a rapist appears to be targeting battered women at a shelter) 14.95 Sharp, Zoe Riot Act (Charlie Fox #2: Reissue; Charlie agrees to dog-sit for a friend, only to find that the housing complex is being terrorized by gangs. The residents have hired a security firm whose bully-boy tactics aren't much better. But to help the residents, Charlie is going to have to learn a tough lesson: to trust somebody) $14.95
Sharp, Zoe Hard Knocks (Charlie Fox #3: Reissue; Einsbaden Manor trains bodyguards in Germany, because the UK government takes a dim view of some of the techniques taught. With her background, Charlie doesn't need the lessons, but she does need to figure out why an old friend ended his studies there with bullets in his back - and how to finish the course without following his example) $14.95
Sipila, Jarkko Behind Closed Doors (Helsinki Homicide: As the game gets tougher for both the authorities and the criminals, Detective Lieutenant Kari Takamaki and his team are put on the defensive. But how do a Finnish gangster living in Bangkok and a Helsinki rape victim fit into the picture?) $13.95
Stockbridge, Grant City of Flaming Shadows / King of the Fleshless Legion (Spider #6: Pulp reprints) $14.95
Stockbridge, Grant The Flame Master / Green Globes of Death (Spider #7: Pulp reprints) $14.95
Stratmann, Linda Mr. Scarletti's Ghost (Mina Scarletti #1: 19th-century Brighton, England: Spirit mediums are all the fashion, especially Miss Eustace, a psychic who claims to produce apparitions of the dead, and Mr. Bradley, a self-proclaimed spirit healer. Mina Scarletti is determined to expose them as frauds. When her campaign backfires, adding to Miss Eustace's fame, Mina and her brother Richard turn to desperate methods to reveal the truth) $16.95
Wilcox, John Bayonets Along the Border (Simon Fonthill #10: North West India, 1897: Former army scout Simon Fonthill, his wife Alice, and their old friend 352 Jenkins are en route to a party when an ambush proves things are not as peaceful as they believed. When Viceroy Elgin tasks Simon with delivering an important letter, the group sets out for the Khyber Pass, with danger dogging their steps) $16.95
Wishnia, Kenneth (ed) Jewish Noir (PBO; Anthology. 33 tales of crime and other dark deeds, exploring such issues as the Holocaust and its effects on subsequent generations, anti-Semitism in the 20th-century US, and the dark side of the Diaspora) $17.95
Worsley, Lucy The Art of the English Murder (UK title: A Very British Murder) (Agatha finalist. Worsley looks at English crimes and crime fiction, and the English obsession with murder) $15.95


Ace, Cathy The Case of the Dotty Dowager (WISE Enquiries #1: Henry Twyst is convince his mother is losing her marbles: she claims to have seen a corpse in the dining room, but all she has to prove it is a bloodied bobble hat. He is worried enough to retain the women of the WISE Enquiry Agency, hoping they can explain the strange matter away. But the truth of what happened is more complex - and deadly) $17.95
Adler, Rebecca Here Today, Gone Tamale (Taste of Texas #1: PBO; After losing her newspaper job, Josie and her Chihuahua Lenny head for a new start at her aunt and uncle's small-town Tex-Mex restaurant. When a local jewelry designer is found strangled, Josie's reporter instincts kick in. As suspects pile up and alibis crack, can Josie wrap up this case?) $7.99
Allingham/Ripley Mr. Campion's Fox (Albert Campion #23: When his daughter forms an attachment to a most unsuitable young man, the Danish ambassador requests Mr. Campion's help, but before he can act, the girl and her beau disappear without a trace - and a body turns up) $17.95
Barbieri, Maggie Lies That Bind (Maeve Conlon #2: At her father's funeral, Maeve learns she might have a sister she's never met, and decides to search for her. Meanwhile, someone is sneaking around Maeve's bakery. Could the vandalism be connected to Maeve's search?) $15.99
Bass, Jefferson The Breaking Point (Body Farm #7: The FBI has asked Dr. Bill Brockton to help identify the remains of a pilot killed in a suspicious, fiery plane crash. Are the charred bones indeed those of maverick humanitarian Richard Janus? And was the nighttime crash an accident, a suicide, or a murder?) $9.99
Blackwell, Juliet Give Up the Ghost (Haunted Home Renovation #6: PBO; A psychic claims that updates to a Victorian mansion have agitated the resident ghost, so contractor Mel Turner is hired to restore some of the original features. But when the psychic is murdered, Mel must use her ghost whispering gift to uncover the house's secrets, and her sleuthing skills to catch a killer) $7.99
Budewitz, Leslie Guilty as Cinnamon (Spice Shop #2: PBO; After a potential client is found dead, poisoned by dangerously hot ghost chili that Pepper carries in her shop, Pepper finds herself stuck in the middle of a heated police investigation) $7.99
Burke, James Lee House of the Rising Sun (After a violent encounter that leaves four Mexican soldiers dead, Texas Ranger Hackberry Holland escapes Mexico with a stolen artifact, earning the ire of an Austrian arms dealer who places Hack's estranged son Ishmael in the crosshairs of a plot to recapture the prize, believed to be the mythic cup of Christ; Signed copies expected) $27.99
Bywaters, Grant The Red Storm (1930s: Black boxer turned PI William Fletcher is having trouble finding clients, so he reluctantly takes a case from an old criminal acquaintance. Locating the man's missing daughter should be simple enough, but when Fletcher starts knocking on doors, he sets off a chain of events that turns New Orleans into a bloody battleground between two rival syndicates) $25.99
Canadeo, Anne A Murder in Mohair (Black Sheep #8: PBO; A murder in Plum Harbor leads the knitters to investigate a new psychic who may be far more dangerous than she seems) $15.00
Cannell, Dorothy Death at Dovecote Hatch (Florence Norris #2: 1932: When Kenneth Tenneson is found dead from a fall down the stairs at his home, the coroner's inquest finds accidental death. But housekeeper Florence Norris suspects there may be more to it than that) $17.95
Carmack, Amanda Murder at Whitehall (Kate Haywood #4: PBO; 1559: The Twelve Days of Christmas at Whitehall Palace will be celebrated as a grand affair. But there are those who wish to usher in the New Year by ending Queen Elizabeth's reign. A threatening anonymous letter and a murder leave Kate with two mysteries to unravel and an unsettling number of suspects to consider) $7.99
Cass, Laurie Pouncing on Murder (Bookmobile Cat #4: PBO; Maple sugar season is Minnie's favorite time of year. When her favorite syrup provider is killed, Minnie must tap all her resources for clues to find the killer) $7.99
Child, L/Martin, A Reacher Said Nothing: Lee Child and the Making of Make Me (Martin shadowed Lee Child like a literary private eye in a yearlong investigation of what it takes to create the Reacher novels. Plus anecdotes about Child's life pre- and post-Reacher) $25.00
Childs, Laura Scorched Eggs (Cackleberry Club #6: When the County Services office goes up in flames, killing Hannah Venable, and it turns out to be arson, Suzanne, Petra, and Toni vow to smoke out the culprit) $7.99
Christie, A/Green, J Curtain Up (An in-depth look at Christie's work for the stage, analyzing her plays, and featuring excerpts from her correspondence and notebooks, as well as excerpts from several unpublished and unperformed scripts) $30.00
Cleeves, Ann Harbour Street (Vera Stanhope #6: When Margaret Krukowski is fatally stabbed on the Metro, DI Vera Stanhope and DS Joe Ashworth investigate. Why would anyone harm this reserved woman? When a second woman is murdered, Vera finds herself searching deep into the hidden past, led by clues that keep revolving around Harbour Street. Why are its residents so reluctant to speak?) $25.99
Cook, J.J. (Lavene) Fat Tuesday Fricassee (Biscuit Bowl #3: PBO; It's Mardi Gras in Mobile, Alabama. When food truck chef Zoe Chase stumbles upon a dead reporter at the Mistics of Time masquerade ball, she finds the wealthy members of the secret cabal are more concerned about public exposure than about the killer among them) $7.99
Copperman, E.J. Ghost in the Wind (Haunted Guesthouse #7: PBO; The ghost of Alison's musical idol, 1960s English rock star Vance McTiernan, turns to her for help. Reports claim that Vance's daughter died of an overdose, but Vance thinks she was murdered) $7.99
Coyle, Cleo Dead to the Last Drop (Coffeehouse #15: When sleuthing coffeehouse manager Clare Cosi is asked to examine a historic White House coffee service, she discovers it was used as a CIA 'dead drop' decades before, holding the first clue on a coded trail. As she follows clues around the capital, she uncovers long-buried evidence of crimes linked to some powerful people) $26.95
Davies, Linda Ark Storm (Meteorologist Gwen Boudain's climate readings are off the charts. A storm is coming that will inflict catastrophic damage on California. But Gwen isn't the only one who's noticed. Someone begins placing bets on the prospect of an apocalypse. Another sees the storm as a tool to be used to wage jihad on US soil) $9.99
Davis, Krista Murder Most Howl (Paws & Claws #3: PBO; When Wagtail's week-long murder mystery game is interrupted by an actual corpse, it's up to Holly Miller and her pets to dig for clues) $7.99
de la Motte, Anders MemoRandom (David is an intelligence handler, and anything goes as long as he gets results. Other agents watch jealously as his high-level informant Janus rockets David to success. When David suffers a stroke, he wakes with no memory of the past two years of his life. He only knows he has to reconnect with Janus to protect himself and his informants. Fortunately, he has supportive colleagues to help him - or does he?) $17.00
Deaver, Jeffery The Skin Collector (Lincoln Rhyme #11: A new serial killer, inspired by the Bone Collector, is on the loose. Rhyme must untangle a twisted web of clues before the killer targets more victims - or Rhyme himself) $9.99
DiSilverio, Laura The Readaholics and the Poirot Puzzle (Book Club #2: PBO; Amy-Faye is planning the opening of her brother Derek's pub when his hot-headed partner is murdered. To keep Derek from being railroaded as a suspect, the Readaholics take a page from Poirot and investigate) $7.99
Ellison, J.T. What Lies Behind (Samantha Owens #4: Samantha Owens is no longer a medical examiner, but when a detective friend invites her to look over the evidence in a case, she realizes the crime scene has been staged, and what looked like a clear-cut case of murder/suicide is anything but) $7.99
Erickson, Alex Death by Tea (Bookstore Cafe #2: PBO; Just before two dueling book clubs are set to square off at the Cafe, one of the competitors turns up dead, bludgeoned with the silver teapot that was to serve as the prize) $7.99
Fabre, Cedric (ed) Marseille Noir (PBO; Anthology. Original stories set in the French city of Marseille) $15.95
Fluke, Joanne Vengeance Is Mine (Reissue; A local activist has been found, his body frozen and placed in a Winter Carnival display. A hate crime has put a man in the ICU. In the locked ward, a deranged man of the cloth prays for more sinners to be punished. These seemingly random acts lead the St. Cloud police chief to a clinic administrator, who could be the next pawn in a madman's game) $7.99
Franklin, A/Norman, S The Siege Winter (Franklin's last novel, completed by her daughter. 1141 CE: As King Stephen and the Empress Matilda vie for England's crown, a young peasant girl is kidnapped by a monk and left for dead. When mercenary archer Gwyl finds her, she has no memory of her previous life, so he dresses her as a boy and teaches her to use a bow. At the fortress of Kenilworth, fierce young chatelaine Maud has given shelter to the empress. Aided by mercenaries, including Gwyl and his apprentice, Maud will stave off Stephen's siege for a long, brutal winter that will bring a host of visitors to Kenilworth - including a sinister monk with deadly business to finish) $15.99
Friedman, Daniel Riot Most Uncouth (Lord Byron #1: 1807: Byron is living large as a student at Cambridge, drinking to excess, bedding married women, and generally causing trouble wherever he goes. When a young woman is found murdered in a local boarding house, he can't pass up the opportunity to prove his genius by solving the case) $24.99
Gerritsen, Tess Ice Cold (UK title: The Killing Place) (Rizzoli & Isles #8: Reissue; A snowstorm traps Maura Isles and her companions in a village where 12 identical houses stand abandoned: meals untouched on tables, cars still in garages, residents vanished. And they soon realize they're not alone in the valley) $9.99
Griffin/Butterworth The Assassination Option (Clandestine Ops #2: James Cronley's first mission for the new Central Intelligence Directorate has drawn all kinds of attention. When he meets the undercover agent known only as Seven K, he gets a real surprise) $9.99
Hagberg, David Retribution (Kirk McGarvey #18: In 2011, a team of SEALs infiltrated bin Laden's compound in Pakistan and killed him. But certain members of the Pakistani government feel the SEALs violated their sovereign territory, and have hired a group of German assassins to take them out) $9.99
Hall, James W. The Big Finish (Thorn #14: A year ago, Thorn's son disappeared into the eco-underground. Now a postcard has arrived at Thorn's door calling for help. He sets off for North Carolina, where more than his son's life hangs in the balance) $9.99
Harrod-Eagles, Cynthia One Under (Bill Slider #18: A middle-aged man jumps under a tube train, and a teenage girl is killed in a hit-and-run, puzzlingly far from her home. As DCI Bill Slider and his team investigate, links to a cold case suggest that the two incidents might be connected) $29.95
Hartwell, Sadie Yarned and Dangerous (Tangled Web #1: PBO; Josie was planning to sell off the contents of her Aunt Cora's yarn shop, but the cozy little shop appeals to her. Her plan to make a go of it runs into a hitch when one of the town's most persnickety knitters turns up dead in a pile of cashmere yarn) $15.00
Henshaw, Mark Cold Shot (Stryker & Burke #2: Red Cell analysts Kyra Stryker and Jonathan Burke trace a dead Somali pirate back to a Iranian ship - and the ship appears to have dangerous radioactive cargo aboard. Can Stryker and Burke thwart Iran's plan to build a nuke in politically unstable Venezuela?) $9.99
Herron, Mick Nobody Walks (For the first time since he cut ties years ago, Tom Bettany returns to London to find out the truth about his estranged son's death. More than a few people are interested in his return, from incarcerated mob bosses to the highest echelons of MI5) $15.95
Hiaasen, Carl Skink No Surrender (Kids; To avoid being shipped off to boarding school, Malley takes off with some guy she met online. Richard knows his cousin's in trouble before she does, and teams up with Skink, the renegade one-eyed ex-governor of Florida, to track her down) $9.99
Higgins, Jack Rain on the Dead (Sean Dillon #21: What Sean Dillon discovers after an assassination attempt on a former US president sends a chill through his bones - a name from Dillon's distant past) $9.99
Hillerman, Anne Rock with Wings (Manuelito & Chee #2: While Jim follows clues leading to a missing woman, a cold-blooded thug, and a mysterious mound that could be a grave site, Bernie has her hands full managing the fallout from a drug bust gone wrong) $9.99
Humaydan, Iman (ed) Beirut Noir (PBO; Anthology. Original stories set in Beirut, Lebanon) $15.95
Hurwitz, Gregg Don't Look Back (On a trip to southern Mexico, Eve Hardaway wanders off the trail, and sees a man in the distance throwing machetes at a human-shaped target. That sends her quickly back to her group - but not quietly enough. Now the man is after whoever was snooping around his house) $9.99
Husom, Christine The Iced Princess (Snow Globe #2: PBO; When former classmate Molly Dalton, now a rich socialite, practically begs for a job, Cami wonders why. When she finds Molly dead in the back of the shop, can Cami find the killer who iced her?) $7.99
James, Steven Every Crooked Path (Patrick Bowers Prequel: PBO; A mysterious suicide and a series of abductions draw Bowers into a web of intrigue involving an international conspiracy where no one is who they appear to be) $9.99
Lahlum, Hans Olav The Human Flies (K2 & Patricia #1: Oslo, 1968: When Harald Olesen, a legendary hero of the Resistance, is murdered in his apartment, DI Kolbjorn 'K2' Kristiansen turns to Patricia, another tenant, for help untangling the web of lies surrounding Olesen's neighbors) $14.95
Lemaitre, Pierre Camille (Camille Verhoeven #3: International Dagger shortlist. When the woman he is seeing is violently attacked, Verhoeven investigates while keeping their relationship secret, and uncovers shocking connections between her, the attackers, his colleagues, his wife's murderer, and himself) $14.99
Lloyd, Catherine Death Comes to Kurland Hall (Kurland St. Mary #3: Regency England: Back in Kurland St. Mary for a friend's wedding, Lucy's homecoming is made disagreeable by a meddling widow with designs on Reverend Harrington. When the woman is found dead at the foot of a staircase, Lucy and Robert must patch up their differences to find a killer) $25.00
Marston, Edward Peril on the Royal Train (Robert Colbeck #10: 1858: Torn-up tracks have forced a train off the rails and into a lake near the Scottish border. As Inspector Colbeck investigates, what looked like sabotage by a rival company may in fact be a conspiracy targeting the Queen and Prince Consort en route to Balmoral) $16.95
Mattich, Alen Zagreb Cowboy (Marko Della Torre #1: Yugoslavia, 1991: The State is crumbling, and in the midst of the political chaos, secret policeman Marko della Torre has been working both sides of the law. With hired Bosnian thugs trying to kill him, della Torre has to run for it) $15.95
McCoy, Max Giving Up the Ghost (Ophelia Wylde #3: PBO; When telegraph keys across the country begin bursting into flames and chattering ghostly nonsense, sleuthing psychic Ophelia Wylde investigates. Are the mishaps messages from beyond? Is there a connection to the poisoning of a telegraph operator?) $7.99
McDermid, Val Splinter the Silence (Hill & Jordan #9: Outspoken women are being viciously bullied on the internet. For some, it proves too much to bear, and they begin to silence themselves in a series of high-profile suicides. Or do they? Tony Hill isn't convinced. Former cop Carol Jordan is too busy messing up her life to care - until she gets an unexpected second chance. Now it's game on, and the stakes have never been higher) $26.00
Miller, Steve Murder in Grosse Pointe Park (PBO; Nonfiction. Bob Bashara: husband, father, Rotary Club president. Did he also hire a hit on his wife?) $9.99
Mina, Denise Blood, Salt, Water (Alex Morrow #5: A wealthy businesswoman disappears from her Glasgow home, leaving her husband and children panicked but strangely resistant to questioning. Tracing the woman's cell phone leads detective Alex Morrow to a sleepy seaside town, and a dead body in a nearby lake) $26.00
Mrazek, Robert J. The Bone Hunters (Vaughan & Macaulay #2: PBO; Missing since WWII, the remains of Peking Man have now inspired a new religion in China. Fighting to keep the religion from taking hold, the Chinese government dispatches operatives to find and destroy the remains. But the US government has its own team on the hunt) $9.99
Olsen, Gregg Now That She's Gone (Waterman & Stark #2: PBO; Serial killer Brenda Nevis cajoled, seduced, blackmailed, and murdered her way across Washington State. Now, after a daring prison escape, she is planning her revenge on pathologist Birdy Waterman and detective Kendall Stark) $9.99
Page, Katherine Hall Small Plates (Collection. 9 short stories, 2 featuring Faith Fairchild) $7.99
Parker, R/Knott, R The Bridge (Cole & Hitch #7: An ominous storm rolls into Appaloosa, and with it a band of night riders with a devious scheme. When the sheriff and his deputies go missing, territorial marshals Virgil Cole and Everett Hitch saddle up to sort things out) $9.99
Parker, T. Jefferson Full Measure (When his family's avocado ranch is destroyed by a wildfire, Patrick Norris puts his plans on hold to save the family home. After his troubled brother Ted's quest to prove himself goes terribly wrong, Ted tries to disappear. Desperate to find him and salvage what remains of his family, Patrick faces an agonizing choice) $15.99
Patterson, J/Ellis, D Invisible (FBI researcher Emma Dockery is determined to find the link between hundreds of unsolved kidnappings, rapes, and murders. Field agent Harrison Bookman can't believe the crimes are connected, until Emma uncovers evidence he can't afford to ignore. Could one person really be responsible?) $9.99
Pegau, Cathy Murder on the Last Frontier (Charlotte Brody #1: PBO; Hoping to make a new start, suffragette journalist Charlotte Brody heads to the frontier town of Cordova, Alaska. When one of her brother Michael's patients, a local prostitute, is murdered, no one in town seems to think it's worth investigating, but Charlotte is determined to find the killer) $15.00
Purser, Ann Suspicion at Seven (Lois Meade #14: Lois and Inspector Cowgill investigate a pair of murders at the Mill House Hotel) $7.99
Pyne, Daniel Fifty Mice (Jay Johnson has a quiet life. Then he's abducted, drugged, interrogated, and put in witness protection. Why? Jay has no clue. Relocated to a community inhabited mainly by other protected witnesses, he soon realizes that the only way out is through the maze of lies and unreliable memories swirling through his own mind) $15.00
Shoham, Liad Asylum City (Officer Anat Nachmias tackles her first murder investigation, the death of a young social activist. When an African man confesses, Anat's commanders close the case, but the cop isn't convinced, and continues to search for the truth) $15.99
Simenon, Georges Maigret (alternate title: Maigret Returns) (Maigret #19: Now retired, Maigret returns to Paris to defend a younger colleague who is being framed for murder. When the colleague turns up dead, Maigret is forced to return to his vocation to solve the homicides) $11.00
Spillane, M/Collins, M King of the Weeds (Mike Hammer: Hammer finds himself up against a clever serial killer who is targeting cops) $7.99
Starr, Mel Ashes to Ashes (Hugh de Singleton #7: The morning after the Midsummer's Eve bonfire, tenants collecting the ashes to spread on their fields find burned bones. The bones turn out to belong to the missing bailiff from a nearby manor. Was he slain by an angry tenant, or is there a different reason for his murder?) $14.99
Tremel, Joyce To Brew or Not to Brew (Brewing Trouble #1: PBO; Maxine O'Hara is getting ready to open a craft brew pub in a newly revitalized section of Pittsburgh, but there's trouble on tap. First it's sabotage, then Max finds her assistant brewmaster and chef strangled in one of the vats) $7.99
Woods, Stuart Hot Pursuit (Stone Barrington #33: Stone takes a trip to Europe with a gorgeous pilot, but trailing them is his new lady love's unstable, criminal ex-boyfriend) $9.99


Alaux, JP/Balen, N Late Harvest Havoc (Winemaker Detective #10: Christmas is in the air, but disaster strikes the vineyards in Alsace. As tensions rise and old grudges surface, wine critic Benjamin Cooker's reputation is on the line. Can he find the cause, natural or man-made, before the late harvest starts?) $12.95
Ball, John In the Heat of the Night (Virgil Tibbs #1: Reissue; South Carolina, 1960s: When a musician is found dead on the highway, it's no surprise when the police arrest a black man. But that black man is Virgil Tibbs, a homicide detective from California, and it isn't long before the new police chief requests help from Tibbs to solve the killing. When Tibbs uncovers secrets that incriminate some of the people he's working with, he will have to fight not just for justice, but for his own safety) $15.00
Collins, Max Allan Quarry's List (alternate title: The Broker's Wife) (Quarry #2: Reissue; When the man he worked for abruptly exits the business, Quarry finds himself in the crosshairs as a rival tries to take over) $9.95
Cox, Susan The Man on the Washing Machine (Former party girl Theo Bogart is hiding in San Francisco to escape a family scandal, but her carefully constructed new life is threatened when she sees Tim Callahan fall from a window. The police think Theo had motive to kill him. When her business partner is murdered days later, the police start digging even deeper into Theo's secrets. To clear her name, she'll have to find the real killer) $25.99
della Quercia, Jacopo License to Quill (PBO; A spoofing spy thriller starring William Shakespeare and Christopher Marlowe during the Gunpowder Plot. Caught up in a world of corruption, secrets, staged deaths, and playwriting, Will must use but not abuse his license to quill) $16.99
Ewan, Chris Dark Tides (Six years after a Halloween prank went terribly wrong, one of the friends involved is killed on Halloween. The death looks accidental, but another member of the group, now a police officer, has her doubts) $25.99
Fowler, Christopher Bryant & May and the Burning Man (Bryant & May Peculiar Crimes Unit #12: In the weeks before Guy Fawkes Day, riots are sweeping the streets of London, and detective Arthur Bryant is convinced the seemingly separate incidents are connected. Confined to his bed after surgery, his investigation leads him to the unit's case history, where he uncovers solutions to ten previously unsolved cases that relate to the events unfolding in the present) $26.00
Herron, Mick The List (PBO; Novella. Dieter Hess is dead, and his MI5 handler is in deep trouble. It seems Hess had a secret second bank account, and there's only ever one reason a spy does that. The question of whether he was a double agent must be resolved - and its answer may undo an entire career's worth of secrets) $7.99
Hunter, Maddy From Bad to Wurst (Passport to Peril #10: The globetrotting Iowa seniors are sharing their Oktoberfest trip with several oompah bands, whose dreams of performing in a famous German beer hall are about to come true. The tour hits a sour note when tragedy strikes a guest who knew the musicians' secrets. Was it an unfortunate accident, or something more sinister?) $14.99
Jaffarian, Sue Ann A Body to Spare (Odelia Grey #10: PBO; Odelia's relaxing day is ruined when she finds a dead body in the trunk of her car, the corpse of a young man who was kidnapped years ago. But why was he put in Odelia's car? And where has he been all these years?) $14.99
Janes, J. Robert The Sleeper (American David Ashby spent the Great War killing Germans, and the years after falling in love with one. When Hitler comes to power, and Europe begins to slide toward war, David heads to England, taking his half-German daughter with him. When German intelligence sends an agent to finish off David and reclaim the child, David - and the British intelligence services - are drawn into the thick of a secret war) $14.99
Kelly, Mary Louise The Bullet (When a single bullet is found lodged at the base of her skull, Caroline learns the truth: she was adopted after her parents were murdered. Why were they killed? The bullet in her neck could finger a murderer. Can she unravel the clues to her past before the killer finds her?) $16.00
King, L/Klinger, L (ed) In the Company of Sherlock Holmes (Anthology. Anthony winner. 15 original stories featuring the great detective) $15.95
Koontz, Dean Ashley Bell (A doctor tells young Bibi Blair she has one year to live. Her sudden recovery astonishes medical science. An enigmatic woman convinces Bibi that she escaped death so that she can save someone named Ashley Bell. But save her from what? Who is Ashley Bell? Where is she? Bibi's obsession with finding Ashley sends her on the run from threats both mystical and worldly) $28.00
Lancet, Barry Tokyo Kill (Jim Brodie #2: Shamus finalist. Antiques dealer turned PI Jim Brodie matches wits with an elusive group of kilers chasing long-lost artifacts with a dangerous history) $15.99
Lane, Andrew Snake Bite (Young Sherlock #5: YA; Kidnapped and taken to China, Sherlock finds himself plunged into a deadly mystery. How can three men have been bitten by the same poisonous snake in different parts of Shanghai? Who wants them dead, and why?) $10.99
Lane, Andrew Knife Edge (Young Sherlock #6: YA; On a mission to Ireland with his brilliant brother Mycroft, Sherlock is thrown into a tangled web involving a spiritualist whose powers have attracted the attention of governments around the world) $18.99
Mattich, Alen Killing Pilgrim (Marko Della Torre #2: 1991: Croatia and Slovenia have officially declared independence from Yugoslavia, and war is imminent. Marko della Torre gets caught in a web woven by the CIA and Croat nationalists: they want him to make contact with the man who assassinated the former prime minister of Sweden) $15.95
McDermid, Val The Skeleton Road (Karen Pirie #2: Edinburgh: Builders converting a Victorian building into luxury flats are surprised to find human remains. To identify the corpse, cold case detective Karen Pirie will need to dig deep into the tragic history of the Balkans, to war crimes in the former Yugoslavia and their consequences) $15.00
Meyrick, Denzil The Last Witness (Jim Daley #1: Crime kingpin James Machie was killed in the back of a prison ambulance five years ago. But now he's apparently back from the grave, and set on avenging himself on those who brought them down. Top of the list is his former associate Frank MacDougall, who is living under protection on DCI Jim Daley's patch in Kinloch) $24.95
Mizushima, Margaret Killing Trail (When a girl is found dead in the Colorado mountains, Officer Mattie Cobb and her K-9 partner Robo are assigned to the case. The more they investigate, the more Mattie realizes how many secrets her hometown holds) $14.99
Patterson, J/Ledwidge, M Burn (Michael Bennett #7: Back home in NYC, Bennett takes over an Outreach Squad in Harlem. A phone call reporting that well-dressed men are holding a bizarre party in a condemned building is ignored - until a charred body turns up in the building) $9.99
Perry, Thomas Forty Thieves (Sid and Ronnie Abel are a married detective team. Ed and Nicole Hoyt are married assassins. The couples have little in common, until they're both hired to do damage control on the same murder case. The Abels have been hired to crack the case - and the Hoyts have been hired to make sure that doesn't happen) $26.00
Perry, Thomas A String of Beads (Jane Whitefield #8: Jimmy, Jane's childhood friend from the reservation, is wanted for the murder of a white man. He's on the run, and as Jane looks for him, she finds the police aren't the only ones after him) $16.00
Rollins, James The Bone Labyrinth (SIGMA Force #11: A Catholic chapel, hidden for centuries in a Croatian cavern, holds the bones of a Neanderthal woman. And in a nearby cavern, elaborate primitive paintings depict an immense battle between Neanderthals and monstrous shadowy figures. What are they? The search for the truth will take SIGMA Force 50,000 years into the past; Signed copies expected) $27.99
Round, Jeffrey After the Horses (Dan Sharp #4: When the owner of a notorious bar is found dead in his mansion, missing-persons investigator Dan Sharp is reluctant to interfere in the case, until a couple approach him to say the man was killed by cops over protection money) $11.99
Shaw, William The Kings of London (Breen & Tozer #2: London, 1968: DS Breen has a death threat in his mailbox and a mutilated body on his hands. The dead man was the wayward son of a rising politician, and Breen finds his investigation obstructed at every turn) $14.99
Simmons, Dan The Fifth Heart (1893: Sherlock Holmes and Henry James come to the US to solve the mystery of the 1885 death of Clover Adams - the suspected foul play may involve matters of national importance. Holmes is currently on his Great Hiatus, his three-year absence after Reichenbach Falls, having faked his death because he has come to the conclusion that he is a fictional character. This leads to complications for James, for if his fellow investigator is a work of fiction, what does that make him? And what can the storyteller do to fight against the sinister power - possibly named Moriarty - that may or may not be controlling them from the shadows?) $17.99
Smith, Noble Sword of Apollo (Nikias #3: Nikias of Plataea has survived battle, shipwreck, and torture. Now he faces his greatest challenge: leading the people of his city-state on a desperate exodus to Athens while being hunted down by the largest Spartan expeditionary force in history) $28.99
Sue, Eugene The Mysteries of Paris (A wildly popular 19th-century French serial novel, the suspenseful story of Rodolphe, a magnetic hero of noble heart and shadowy origins, in a Paris where, despite the gulf between them, the fortunes of the rich and the poor are inextricably tangled) $30.00
Thomas, Sam The Witch Hunter's Tale (Hodgson & Hawkins #3: Winter, 1645: As women and children sicken and die, midwife Bridget Hodgson is pulled against her will into a full-scale witch-hunt. With her deputy Martha Hawkins and her nephew Will, she finds herself playing a lethal cat and mouse game against the most dangerous men in York) $15.99
Tursten, Helene The Treacherous Net (Irene Huss #8: Inspector Huss faces a sudden influx of cases: a teen's body found in the woods; a mummified body in a bricked-up chimney; and the city's ongoing problem with gang violence. When another dead teen is found, the investigation takes Irene and her colleagues deep into a shadowy world of online predators) $26.95


Alexander, Ellie On Thin Icing (Bakeshop #3: PBO; It's winter, and things are quiet in town, so Jules is thrilled when she's hired to cater a retreat at a nearby resort - until her ex shows up, a storm knocks out power, and she discovers a dead body) $7.99
Berry, Steve The Patriot Threat (Cotton Malone #10: Cotton Malone is retired, but when his former boss asks him to track a rogue North Korean who may have acquired top secret Treasury files, Malone sets off on a harrowing global chase) $9.99
Burke, Zoe No Gun Intended (Annabelle Starkey #2: Annabelle arrives in Portland to visit her parents, only to discover that the backpack she has isn't her own. And this one contains a gun linked to a murder. Has she been set up, or was she simply in the wrong place at the wrong time? The Portland PD isn't sure) $15.95
Bush, Nancy You Don't Know Me (original title: Tangled) (Reissue; Everyone knew Thomas was a violent man, especially his stepdaughters. Then, with one desperate act, their lives changed. Years later, his remains have been found, and an investigation is underway. And the sisters find their lives unraveling again. Piece by piece, they'll confront the truth about that deadly night, and the dark secrets that could turn one of them into a killer) $7.99
Cameron, Marc Brute Force (Jericho Quinn #6: PBO; In the aftermath of a devastating biological attack on the US, the president is controlled by terrorists, and the vice president is plotting his next move. And special agent Jericho Quinn is running for his life, desperate to clear his name and expose the conspirators in the White House) $9.99
Cattrell, Bailey Daisies for Innocence (Enchanted Garden #1: PBO; The Enchanted Garden behind Ellie's perfume shop draws people of all ages with its fragrant flowers and lush greenery, and customers are flocking to her shop. When her shop assistant is murdered in the garden, it's up to Ellie to sniff out a killer) $7.99
Christie, Agatha The Secret Adversary (TV tie-in edition) (Tommy & Tuppence #1: Reissue; Tommy and Tuppence, two people flat broke and out of work, are restless for excitement. They embark on a daring business scheme: Young Adventurers Ltd., 'willing to do anything, go anywhere'. But their first assignment, for the sinister Mr. Whittington, draws them into a political conspiracy, and they find themselves plunged into more danger than they ever imagined) $13.99
Christie, Agatha N or M? (TV tie-in edition) (Tommy & Tuppence #3: Reissue; During World War II, Britain faces threats from Nazis posing as ordinary citizens. With pressure mounting, the intelligence service appoints two unlikely spies, Tommy and Tuppence. Their mission: among the colorful guests at a seaside hotel, they are to seek out a man and a woman who have just murdered Britain's finest agent) $13.99
Connell, John A. Ruins of War (Mason Collins #1: Munich, winter 1945: Mason Collins, former homicide detective, soldier, and POW, is now a US Army criminal investigator. His search for a killer terrorizing the city takes him from interrogation rooms with unrepentant Nazis to the US Army's black market. What Mason doesn't know is that the killer he's chasing is stalking him, too) $16.00
Conrad, Hy Toured to Death (Amy's Travel #1: While planning a murder-themed excursion - a road rally near Monte Carlo, with guests competing to solve a murder along the way - Amy and her mother Fanny tackle real-life foul play when the writer scripting the excursion is murdered in his New York apartment) $7.99
Cook, J.J. (Lavene) Sweet Pepper Hero (Sweet Pepper Fire Brigade #4: PBO; Eric, Stella's resident ghost, has vanished. But before she can track down his latest haunt, she's called in to investigate a fire at a local moonshine distillery) $7.99
Cornwell, Bernard The Empty Throne (Saxon Tales #8: 10th century CE: Aethelred, the ruler of Mercia, is dying, leaving no legitimate heir. The West Saxons want their king, but Uhtred has long supported Aethelflaed - sister to King Edward of Wessex and widow of Aethelred - who has all the makings of a leader. But could Saxon warriors ever accept a woman as their ruler? The stage is set for rivals to fight for the empty throne; unabridged audiobook $19.99) $15.99
Fanning, Diane Bitter Remains (PBO; Nonfiction. Laura Jean Ackerson is murdered by her ex and his wife) $9.99
Fee, Vickie Death Crashes the Party (Liv & Di in Dixie #1: PBO; Liv is a party planner with a knack for throwing Southern-style events, and her best friend Di mixes a mean daiquiri. While planning a bash for high maintenance clients, Liv inconveniently discovers a corpse in the freezer. Liv and Di must follow a trail of sinister secrets to find a killer) $7.99
Grabenstein, Chris Mr. Lemoncello's Library Olympics (Mr. Lemoncello #2: Kids; World-famous game maker Luigi Lemoncello has invited teams from across the US to compete in the first-ever Library Olympics. Kyle and his teammates are back, but something suspicious is going on. Books are missing from the library. Is someone trying to censor what the kids are reading?) $16.99
Griffin, Neal Benefit of the Doubt (Ben Sawyer was a big city cop, until he nearly killed a suspect. Now a detective in the Wisconsin town where he and his wife grew up, Ben suspects that higher-ups are taking payoffs from local drug lords. Before long, Ben is off the force, his wife is accused of murder, and his only ally is a Latina rookie cop) $9.99
Hunter, Stephen I, Ripper (Jack the Ripper's personal story is entwined with that of an Irish journalist who covered the case, knew the principals, charted the investigation, and, at last, stymied, went off in a bold new direction. These two men stalk each other through a city twisted with fear) $9.99
Hyzy, Julie Foreign Eclairs (White House Chef #9: PBO; News of a bombing and attempted breakout at a federal prison reveals that the brother of a terrorist Ollie helped defeat is back with a vengeance. When a White House staffer is murdered, officials rush to action over a possible security breach. It may be time for Ollie to trade in her apron for a bullet-proof vest) $7.99
Jance, J.A. Cold Betrayal (Ali Reynolds #10: Ali's new daughter-in-law comes to her for help - someone has been sending her grandmother anonymous threats. Meanwhile, Sister Anselm is bent on uncovering the secrets of The Family, a polygamous cult that deals violently with those who try to leave its ranks) $9.99
Jensen, Jane Kingdom Come (Elizabeth Harris #1: PBO; In Lancaster County, PA, detective Elizabeth Harris investigates when first a scantily clad 'English' girl is found dead in a prominent Amish family's barn, and then a missing Amish girl turns up dead. Elizabeth must track down a killer with deep ties to a community that always protects its own) $15.00
Kava, Alex Silent Creed (Ryder Creed #2: A devastating mudslide In North Carolina brings Ryder Creed and his dog Bolo to help with the rescue efforts. When a government scientist's murdered body is found, FBI agent Maggie O'Dell arrives to investigate) $9.99
Kellerman, Jonathan Motive (Alex Delaware #30: When bizarre clues left at murder scenes add up to a taunting signature, raising the specter of a serial killer on a mission, LAPD Lt. Milo Sturgis turns to psychologist Alex Delaware for help) $9.99
Khan, Ausma Zehanat The Unquiet Dead (Khattak & Getty #1: Investigating a local man's death, detectives Esa Khattak and Rachel Getty discover that he may actually have been a war criminal with ties to the 1995 Srebrenica massacre) $15.99
King, Stephen Mr. Mercedes (Bill Hodges #1: Edgar winner; Gold Dagger and Hammett shortlist. In a race against time, ex-cop Bill Hodges and a pair of highly unlikely allies try to stop a lone killer from blowing up thousands) $9.99
Lambdin, Dewey Kings and Emperors (Alan Lewrie #21: When Bonaparte invades Portugal and heads into Spain, Lewrie is back in action, ferrying weapons to arm Spanish patriots, escorting advance units of the British army to aid the Spanish, and scouting the impregnable fort of Ceuta) $17.99
Land, Jon Black Scorpion (Michael Tiranno #2: When the woman he loves is taken hostage by a human trafficking organization, Michael Tiranno must embrace his true destiny, and become the Tyrant reborn, a dark knight who can triumph over ultimate evil) $9.99
Lane, Kelly One Foot in the Grove (Olive Grove #1: PBO; After a scandal, Eva relocates to her family's Georgia olive plantation, but hiding from her woes proves difficult when a death on the farm makes her a murder suspect) $7.99
Laurie, Victoria A Ghoul's Guide to Love and Murder (Ghost Hunter #10: PBO; When the local museum arranges an exhibit of supernatural artifacts, Gilley absentmindedly donates a dagger that keeps a dangerous ghost locked in the lower realms. Before M.J. can recover it, it's stolen during a museum heist. Now the ghost and his fiendish friends are coming for M.J. and her crew) $7.99
Lehane, Dennis World Gone By (Joe Coughlin #3: Prohibition is dead, the world is at war again, and Joe Coughlin works as a consigliere to the Bartolo crime family, moving in and out of the black, white, and Cuban underworlds. He has everything, but success cannot protect him from the dark truths of his past) $16.99
MacBride, Stuart 22 Dead Little Bodies and Other Stories (Logan McRae: Collection. Short fiction featuring DI Logan McRae and DCI Roberta Steel) $14.99
Mack, Janey Choked Up (Maisie McGrane #2: PBO; Maisie has landed a job as a Chicago cop, with one hitch: she's still doing parking enforcement, working undercover to gather evidence against a mobster running a mobile chop-shop operation. Can she set up a sting to take him down before her family of overprotective cops blows her cover?) $15.00
Martini, Steve The Enemy Inside (Paul Madriani #13: Alex Ives has been implicated in a deadly car crash. Although he swears he only had one drink, he doesn't remember what happened. When lawyer Paul Madriani learns that the deceased was a connected Washington lawyer, he realizes Alex could face a murder charge) $9.99
Maxwell, Alyssa Murder Most Malicious (Renshaw & Huntford #1: 1918: The peace of Foxwood Hall is shattered on Boxing Day, when a houseguest goes missing. Not entirely missing, though - macabre evidence of foul play turns up in gift boxes given to a handful of servants. The local constable suspects a footman, but Lady Phoebe Renshaw and her maid Eva Huntford follow the clues in a different direction) $25.00
May, Peter The Chessmen (Lewis #3: When a loch drains abruptly, revealing a mud-encased airplane, Fin Macleod and poacher Whistler Macaskill realize what they'll find inside - the body of Roddy Mackenzie, whose flight disappeared years ago. But Fin can't help noticing that Whistler's face registers something other than shock. What secret has Whistler been hiding?) $14.99
McKinlay, Jenn Copy Cap Murder (Hat Shop #4: PBO; Scarlett is excited about attending her first Bonfire Night, until the effigy of Guy Fawkes turns out to be a murder victim - their friend Harrison's office rival) $7.99
Mitzner, Adam Losing Faith (Nicolai Garkov is accused of financing a bomb in Red Square that killed US citizens. He admits his guilt to his lawyer Aaron Littman, and reveals his plan to blackmail presiding judge Faith Nichols. If that doesn't work, he will reveal evidence of an affair between Aaron and Faith, destroying their reputations and possibly their careers. That's Garkov's move. Now it's Aaron and Faith's turn - and they could never have predicted where their moves will take them, or what they are prepared to do to protect the truth) $9.99
Mugavero, Li Murder Most Finicky (Pawsitively Organic #4: PBO; A celebrity pastry chef has helped Stan open her pet pastry shop in Frog Ledge. When he invites Stan to an event he's hosting for his independent chefs, the gourmet getaway turns sour when one chef is killed and another goes missing) $7.99
Murthy, Vasudev Sherlock Holmes, the Missing Years: Timbuktu (An Italian scholar seeks the legendary detective's help, bringing an ancient parchment in Marco Polo's hand, a rubbing made from a brass disc found in the libraries of Kublai Khan. It was torn in half centuries ago to protect the world from a terrifying secret. Where, if anywhere, is the missing half? Holmes and Watson undertake a journey to the ancient city of Timbuktu and beyond; $26.95 hc also available) $15.95
Nesbo, Jo Blood on Snow (1970s: Olav works for Oslo's crime kingpin, 'fixing' anyone who causes the man trouble. But it's becoming clear to Olav that the more you know about what your boss is doing, the more your boss might want you 'fixed' yourself - especially if you've fallen in love with his wife) $14.00
Neuhaus, Nele The Ice Queen (von Bodenstein & Kirchhoff #3: The autopsy of Jossi Goldberg, Holocaust survivor and US citizen, reveals an old tattoo on his arm once used by the Nazi SS. Was he not Jewish after all? Who was he? Two similar murders put Pia Kirchhoff and Oliver von Bodenstein on a trail that leads them back to the end of WWII and an area of Poland that then belonged to East Prussia) $15.99
Orgain, Diana A Second Chance at Murder (Love or Money #2: PBO; Georgia and Scott are in a new reality TV show, pitting them against other teams in an athletic journey across the Spanish countryside. The competition turns frightening when Scott disappears in the Pyrenees, leaving behind only his bloody wristwatch - and a woman's dead body) $7.99
Patterson, J/Paetro, M 14th Deadly Sin (Women's Murder Club #14: With San Francisco under siege and everyone a suspect, the Women's Murder Club must risk their lives to save the city and each other) $15.99
Pike, Penny Death of a Bad Apple (Food Festival #3: PBO; Darcy and Aunt Abby take the food truck to an apple festival, where the death of a fellow guest proves than an apple a day won't keep a killer away) $7.99
Reed, Eric The Guardian Stones (1941: Children evacuated from London to a Shropshire village are vanishing. It's not unknown for city children faced with the rigors of rural living to run away, but when a retired American professor arrives to study the local standing stones, and finds bloody clothing in the forest, it's clear there is a more sinister explanation) $15.95
Rosenfelt, David Blackout (In a motel room, New Jersey state policeman Doug Brock finds evidence of a horrifying terrorist plot. Then Doug is shot in the head. When he wakes up in the hospital, he has lost all memory of the last three months. But when his doctors tell him the best way to recover is to expose himself to the memories he has lost, Doug is back on the case) $25.99
Rowling, JK/Galbraith, R The Silkworm (Cormoran Strike #2: Shamus and Gold Dagger finalist. After a novelist completes a manuscript that would ruin lives, then disappears, PI Cormoran Strike is hired to investigate) $9.99
Shelton, Paige To Helvetica and Back (Dangerous Type #1: PBO; Clare and her grandfather Chester repair old typewriters and restore old books. When a stranger demands the antique typewriter they're repairing, then turns up dead in an alley, Clare wonders: what makes a typewriter worth killing for?) $7.99
Simenon, Georges Cecile is Dead (alternate title: Maigret and the Spinster) (Maigret #20: A young woman will not leave Maigret alone, arriving at the squad's door every week with a new crime to report, all falling on deaf ears. So when her aunt is murdered, will anyone believe her? Will she be next?) $11.00
Stewart, Fran A Wee Dose of Death (ScotShop #2: PBO; Business is booming at Peggy's Vermont ScotShop, but she's at her wit's end trying to keep her 14th-century ghostly companion Dirk in line. When a local professor is murdered, they must set aside their differences to find a killer) $7.99
Wait, Lea Thread and Gone (Mainely Needlepoint #3: PBO; A recently discovered piece of needlepoint, possibly stitched by Mary, Queen of Scots, needs to be protected, but it's a holiday, so Angie has her family lawyer lock it in her office safe. Then the lawyer is found dead, the safe open and ransacked) $7.99
Williams, Timothy The Honest Folk of Guadeloupe (Anne Marie Laveaud #2: 1990: When the naked body of a white woman is discovered on a Guadeloupe beach, judge Anne Marie Laveaud is assigned to investigate. As always, the story of a murdered white woman attracts international media attention, and the pressure is on to solve the case before the publicity affects tourism) $15.95
Woods, Stuart Scandalous Behavior (Stone Barrington #36: Stone is no stranger to nefarious schemes and tricky situations, but his newest adversary will certainly keep him on his toes) $27.95


Atkinson, Kate A God in Ruins (After all Ursula Todd's beloved younger brother Teddy endured in battle, his greatest challenge is living in the future he never expected to have. Would-be poet, heroic pilot, husband, father, and grandfather, he navigates the perils and progress of the rapidly changing world of the 20th century) $17.99
Berry, Julie The Scandalous Sisterhood of Prickwillow Place (Kids; The girls of St. Etheldreda's School have a bothersome problem: their irascible headmistress and her surly brother have been most inconveniently poisoned at dinner. Now the school will certainly be closed and the girls sent home, unless these seven young ladies can hide the bodies, convince the neighbors that nothing is wrong, and find the killer) $7.99
Black, Benjamin Even the Dead (Quirke #7: When a car crashes into a tree in central Dublin and bursts into flames, the police assume it was either an accident or suicide, but pathologist Quirke's examination of the body leads him to believe otherwise) $27.00
Child, L/Beahm, G The Jack Reacher Field Manual (PBO; An unofficial companion to Lee Child's Reacher novels) $14.95
Clark, Mary Higgins Death Wears a Beauty Mask and Other Stories (Collection. 10 short works of suspense fiction) $7.99
Collins, Max Allan Quarry's Deal (alternate title: The Dealer) (Quarry #3: Reissue; Quarry puts a plan to target other hitmen in motion, following one from Florida to the Midwest. But this killer is a beauty, as dangerous in bed as she is deadly on the job. Has Quarry finally met his match?) $9.95
Cornwell, Bernard Warriors of the Storm (Saxon Tales #9: A fragile peace reigns in Wessex, Mercia, and East Anglia. All around, the restless Northmen eye the rich lands and wealthy churches, and mount raids. Uhtred controls northern Mercia from the fortified city of Chester, but forces are gathering against him) $27.99
Corrigan, Gordon Waterloo: Wellington, Napoleon, and the Battle That Saved Europe (A veteran military historian brings fresh life to the final campaign and battle between the Allied armies and Napoleon's army) $16.95
Crook, Jeff The Covenant (Jackie Lyons #2: When cop turned photographer Jackie Lyons finds Sam Loftin's body in the spot where his daughter died five years earlier, it looks like a suicide - except Jackie just saw Sam's ghost act out the violent last moments of his life. Her investigation draws Jackie into the battle between wealthy suburbanites and a charismatic preacher trying to serve the poor) $25.99
Graves, Sarah The Girls She Left Behind (Lizzie Snow #2: Tara Wylie has a history of running away, so no one worries when she vanishes - until the police learn that a kidnapper and rapist has escaped from custody. Deputy Lizzie Snow and her colleagues follow a trail of grisly clues in a desperate search for the girl and the fugitive) $26.00
Hall, Parnell Presumed Puzzled (Puzzle Lady #17: Paula Martindale hires Cora to track down her straying husband. Cora wasn't expecting to find him hacked to pieces in his living room, with Paula clutching a knife. Cora is determined to clear Paula, but every bit of evidence she finds frames Cora as the killer!) $24.99
Herron, Mick Real Tigers (Slough House #3: Slough House is where disgraced MI5 operatives are reassigned, to spend the rest of their careers pushing paper. When one of them is kidnapped and held for ransom, they must breach the security of MI5 headquarters and steal intel to exchange for their comrade's safety. Along the way, they uncover a larger web of intrigue that involves a group of private mercenaries as well as the highest authorities in the Secret Service) $26.95
Hoag, Tami The Bitter Season (Kovac & Liska #5: Detective Nikki Liska is investigating the decades-old murder of a Minneapolis detective. Her old partner Sam Kovac is saddled with a green partner and an especially brutal double homicide. But when the trails of the two crimes twist and cross, Kovac and Liska must race to find answers before a killer strikes again) $28.00
Kaaberbol, Lene Doctor Death (Madeleine Karno #1: France, 1894: Madeleine Karno wants to become a pathologist like her father, but autopsies are considered unseemly and ungodly. When a dead woman's family won't permit a full autopsy, Madeleine and her father have only a single clue: in the dead girl's nostrils they found a parasite normally seen only in dogs. When the priest who held vigil by the corpse is murdered, Madeleine must seek answers behind convent walls, in secret diaries, and in the yellow stare of an aging wolf) $16.00
McBain, Ed Cut Me In (alternate title: The Proposition (Reissue; A literary agent finds his partner shot to death, the office safe wide open, and a valuable contract missing. But was he killed for the contract, for his ruthless business practices, or for his roving eye for the ladies?) $9.95
McCallum, David Once a Crooked Man (Now wealthy and aging, the Bruschettis have decided to retire from their low-profile and successful life of crime. But when young actor Harry Murphy overhears them planning to murder a man in London who knows too much, their plans begin to unravel. After Harry makes the well-intentioned if egregious mistake of trying to warn the intended victim, he finds himself alone in a foreign country, on the wrong side of the law, with a suitcase full of cash and a dangerous man on his trail. And while his good looks, charm, and cheerful persistence may prove assets in the events that follow, none of Harry's past roles have prepared him for what happens next) $25.99
Nesser, Hakan Hour of the Wolf (Van Veeteren #7: The police are struggling to decipher clues to an appalling series of crimes, but as the killer becomes increasingly unhinged and unpredictable, Van Veeteren, now retired, is compelled to return to the world he left behind) $25.95
Neuhaus, Nele I Am Your Judge (von Bodenstein & Kirchhoff #7: First an elderly woman is shot while walking her dog. Next a woman is shot through her kitchen window with the same weapon. Then two more murders follow. There's no apparent connection between the victims, and the pressure is on police detectives Pia Kirchoff and Oliver von Bodenstein to find the killer) $26.99
Neville, Stuart The Ghosts of Belfast (UK title: The Twelve) (Belfast #1: Reissue; Fegan was an IRA killer in Northern Ireland. Now that peace has come, he's being haunted by the ghosts of his victims. To appease them, he'll have to kill the men who gave him his orders) $9.99
O'Dell, Tawni Angels Burning (When a girl is beaten to death and tossed into a fiery sinkhole in an abandoned Pennsylvania coal town, middle-aged police chief Dove Carnahan is faced with solving the worst crime of her career. And the murder investigation forces her to dig into the shadows of her own family's past) $16.00
Petrie, Nicholas The Drifter (Peter Ash #1: When a friend from the Marines commits suicide, traumatized veteran Peter Ash helps the man's widow with some home repairs. Under her porch, he finds the ugliest, meanest dog he's ever encountered - and a suitcase stuffed with cash and explosives) $26.95
Rankin, Ian Even Dogs in the Wild (John Rebus #20: After a lawyer is killed during a robbery, DI Siobhan Clarke discovers a note indicating the attack might not have been random. When local gangster Big Ger Cafferty receives an identical message, Clarke calls in the recently retired John Rebus to help. Together the two old adversaries might just stand a chance of saving Cafferty's skin; unabridged audiobook $35.00) $26.00
Sidebottom, Harry Iron & Rust (Throne of the Caesars #1: 235 CE: Military hero Maximinus Thrax is the first Caesar risen from the barracks. A simple man of steel and violence, he will fight for Rome unconditionally. The Senators praise the new Emperor with elaborate oratory, but will any of them accept a Caesar who was once a shepherd boy?) $16.95
Swierczynski, Duane Canary (Busted while doing a favor for her boyfriend, honors student Sarie Holland agrees to become a confidential informant. A Philly narcotics cop thinks Sarie is his key to a career-making bust, but when he inadvertently sends her into a death trap, Sarie finds herself hunted by criminals and bent cops alike, with nothing to save her - except what she's learned as an informant. Which is bad new for the police and the underworld, because Sarie is a very quick study) $14.99


Aames, Avery For Cheddar or Worse (Cheese Shop #7: PBO; When a sharp-tongued cheese critic is found dead at the local inn, it's up to Charlotte to clear the innkeeper's name) $7.99
Archer, Ursula Five (DI Beatrice Kaspary and her colleagues pursue a twisted killer, using the map coordinates tattooed on a dead woman's feet to locate a series of gruesome geocaches) $15.99
Arlidge, M.J. The Doll's House (Helen Grace #3: The body of a woman is found buried on a secluded beach. She's been dead for years, and no one has reported her missing. Why would they? She's still sending text messages to her family. As she investigates, detective Helen Grace becomes convinced a criminal mastermind is at work) $15.00
Arlington, Lucy Off the Books (Novel Idea #5: PBO; The Novel Idea Literary Agency has planned a wedding-themed week. But wedding bells turn to warning bells when Lila finds a dead man facedown in the frosting) $7.99
Barron, Stephanie Jane and the Waterloo Map (Jane Austen #13: 1815: Invited to tour Carlton House, the Prince Regent's fabulous London home, Jane stumbles upon a dying man in the library. His last words, 'Waterloo map', set Jane on the trail of a treasure of incalculable value and a killer of considerable cunning) $25.95
Berenson, Alex Twelve Days (John Wells #10: John Wells and his former bosses at the CIA have uncovered a plot to drive the US and Iran into war. But they have no proof, and not much time to stop the headlong momentum) $9.99
Brennan, Allison Compulsion (Maxine Revere #2: Adam Bachman is being tried for five murders, but reporter Maxine Revere believes that's only part of his killing spree, and develops a theory that he wasn't working alone) $7.99
Brody, Frances A Woman Unknown (Kate Shackleton #4: 1920s England: While investigating where Deirdre Fitzpatrick really goes when she is supposedly caring for her sick mother, amateur sleuth Kate Shackleton gets involved in a more sinister investigation when a philandering banker is found dead in his hotel room) $15.99
Campbell, Rick Empire Rising (China has invaded Taiwan and wiped out the US Pacific Fleet. Next it plans to invade Japan. Now National Security Advisor Christine O'Connor, Captain Murray Wilson, and Navy SEAL Jake Harrison have only hours to stop the incursion and prevent an all-out war) $9.99
Chance, Maia Beauty, Beast, and Belladonna (Fairy Tale Fatal #3: PBO; To nettle Professor Penrose, Ophelia has accepted a marriage proposal from the Comte de Griffe, known for his wild mane of hair, boorish table manners, and habit of prowling. She plans to disengage from her feral intended at his winter hunting party, until Penrose arrives with a lovely intended of his own, and a snowstorm strands travelers at the chateau. When one of the guests is found clawed and bloody, Ophelia is determined to solve the murder) $7.99
Cleeland, Anne Murder in Hindsight (Acton & Doyle #3: DS Kathleen Doyle contends with a series of homicides that point to a vigilante killer - the victims are all criminals who eluded justice. Meanwhile, DCI Acton must outmaneuver an unscrupulous reporter who is being fed information by someone at Scotland Yard) $7.99
Coleman, Reed Farrel Where It Hurts (When TJ Delcamino's battered body is discovered in the woods, the police don't seem interested in pursuing the killer, so ex-con Tommy Delcamino turns to retired cop Gus Murphy for help. Gus discovers everyone TJ knew seems to have something to hide - and so do the police) $26.95
Connolly, Sheila A Turn for the Bad (County Cork #4: PBO; A local farmer, out for a stroll on the beach with his young son, has mysteriously disappeared. Did he drown? Kill himself? The child can say only that he saw a boat. Everyone is scouring the Cork coast, but when a body is finally brought ashore, it's the wrong man. An accidental drowning, or something more sinister?) $7.99
Conrad, Hy Dearly Departed (Amy's Travel #2: Fanny and Amy Abel have booked their travel agency's biggest trip yet. When a mysterious American tagging along with the group has his ticket punched near the Taj Mahal, Amy realizes she may have a killer on the tour) $25.00
Cooper, Amanda The Grim Steeper (Teapot Collector #3: PBO; When her friend Jason is accused of falsifying grades to help an athlete at the local college, and then his accuser is murdered, it's up to Sophie and her friends to clear Jason's name) $7.99
Cudmore, Libby The Big Rewind (PBO; When music journalist Jett Bennett opens her mail and finds a mix tape meant for her neighbor KitKat, she goes to drop it off and finds KitKat with her head bashed in. Jett and her best friend Sid hunt through Brooklyn's record stores, strip joints, vegan bakeries, and basement nightclubs, looking for the killer) $14.99
Delany, Vicki Unreasonable Doubt (Molly Smith #8: After twenty-five years in prison for murder, Walter Desmond is back in Trafalgar, exonerated when new evidence showed the police were incompetent and/or corrupt. The case is reopened, but one of the original investigators is dead, and the other refuses to talk) $15.95
DePoy, Phillip A Prisoner in Malta (1583 CE: Cambridge student Christopher Marlowe is recruited by spymaster Sir Francis Walsingham, and tasked with tracking down the truth behind rumors of a growing plot against Queen Elizabeth) $25.99
Dorsey, Tim Coconut Cowboy (Serge Storm #19: Obsessed with 1960s classic film Easy Rider , Floridaphile serial killer Serge Storms mounts his motorcyle - with Coleman literally riding shotgun - and sets a course for the Florida panhandle, in search of the real America) $25.99
Edwards, Martin (ed) Murder at the Manor (Anthology. Classic short stories featuring English country house murders) $12.95
Ferris, Monica Darned If You Do (Needlecraft #18: When Tom Riordan is injured and then found murdered in his hospital bed, Betsy knows that finding clues to the killer in the clutter Tom left behind will be like looking for a needle in a haystack) $7.99
Flannery, Tim The Mystery of the Venus Island Fetish (1932: The Venus Island fetish is on display in a museum in Sydney, but anthropologist Archie Meek has some questions. Has someone tampered with the artifact? Is the artifact somehow linked to a curator's disappearance? And how did a retired mollusks expert end up dead in the museum storeroom?) $24.99
Fluke, Joanne Double Fudge Brownie Murder (Hannah Swensen #20: Hannah is nervous about the upcoming trial for her involvement in a tragic accident. She's eager to clear her name, but winds up prime suspect when the judge is bludgeoned to death with his own gavel) $7.99
Gies, J/Gies, F Life in a Medieval City (Reissue; Nonfiction. 1250 CE: Merchants and bankers from all over Europe gather at Troyes, creating a bustling market center. Through the day-to-day life of burghers, we learn how financial transactions were conducted, how medieval cities were governed, and what life was like for a wide range of people) $15.99
Haywood, B.B. Town in a Cinnamon Toast (Candy Holliday #7: PBO; The whole town is looking forward to the wedding of Maggie Tremont and Herr Georg, but the wedding plans may fall flat when the best man is found dead, struck on the head with a bottle of champagne) $7.99
Hogan, Shanna The Stranger She Loved (PBO; Nonfiction. The story of how Dr. Martin MacNeill almost got away with murdering his wife) $7.99
Hughes, Mary Ellen Scene of the Brine (Pickled & Preserved #3: PBO; When her friend Sugar's son Zach is accused of poisoning a man who discredited his mother, Piper is eager to prove his innocence) $7.99
James, Delia A Familiar Tail (Witch's Cat #1: PBO; Annabelle's visit to Portsmouth, NH, takes an unexpected turn when she follows a smoky gray cat into a cottage: she finds herself suddenly saddled with a witch's wand and a furry familiar, and meets local women who use spells, charms, and potions to try to keep the people of Portsmouth safe. The mystery surrounding the death of the cat's previous owner grows when another local turns up dead. Armed with magic, friends, and a charmed cat, Annabelle sets out to uncover a killer) $7.99
James, Miranda Arsenic and Old Books (Cat in the Stacks #6: Plus bonus story 'When Charlie Met Diesel'. Librarian Charlie Harris is asked to authenticate a set of Civil War-era diaries donated by a prominent family. He'll need to be careful, because the more he reads, the closer he might be getting to his final chapter) $7.99
Jecks, Michael Blood on the Sand (Hundred Years' War #2: 1346 CE: Berenger Fripper and his men are stationed in the port city of Calais, helping defend the newly won territory from the French and their Genoese allies. Enemies are all around, and there is trouble within: someone in the vintaine is leaking vital information to the French) $15.00
Jeffery, Keith 1916: A Global History (Historian Jeffrey casts new light on the Great War by focusing on a sequence of events in 1916 across many continents, incorporating the stories of civilians in each country, both participants in and victims of the war) $30.00
Khan, Ausma Zehanat The Language of Secrets (Khattak & Getty #2: Mohsin Dar was working undercover inside a terrorist cell. When he is murdered at the group's training camp, Canada's federal intelligence agency doesn't want their operation exposed, but detective Esa Khattak can't just let this murder slide. He sends his partner, detective Rachel Getty, undercover into the mosque that houses the cell) $25.99
Lambdin, Dewey A Hard, Cruel Shore (Alan Lewrie #22: 1890: Lewrie is appointed Commodore over a small squadron assigned to prey upon French supply convoys off the treacherous northern coast of Spain) $26.99
Lansdale, Joe R. Honky Tonk Samurai (Hap & Leonard #9: Hap Collins is a former 1960s activist and self-proclaimed white trash rebel. Leonard Pine is a tough, gay, black Vietnam veteran and Republican. Lilly Buckner brings a cold case to their new PI office: she wants them to look for her missing granddaughter. They discover that the used car lot where the young woman worked is a front for a prostitution ring, and the mystery of her disappearance only deepens from there) $26.00
Laukkanen, Owen The Stolen Ones (Stevens & Windermere #4: Agents Kirk Stevens and Carla Windermere are on the trail of an international kidnapping and prostitution operation) $9.99
Lawrence, Mary Death of an Alchemist (Bianca Goddard #2: PBO; Alchemist Ferris Stannum has been murdered, and his journal stolen. When Bianca's husband falls ill, she hopes the missing journal might contain the secret to his recovery. But to find it, she must find the killer) $15.00
Ludlum, R/Corleone, D The Janson Equation (Paul Janson #4: To prevent a war in Asia - which could quickly spread to the rest of the world - Paul Janson and Jessica Kincaid must learn the truth behind a young woman's murder) $9.99
Lyle, Dixie A Deadly Tail (Foxtrot Lancaster #4: PBO; A movie is being filmed on the Zoransky estate, and things are not going according to plan. To sort out a murder and an explosion in the honey badger den, Foxtrot is going to need some help from her telepathic animal companions Whiskey and Tango - if she can get them to stop arguing about whether cats or dogs make better actors) $7.99
MacLeod, Torquil Missing in Malmo (Anita Sundstrom #3: Inspector Sundstrom isn't interested in missing persons cases, but when a pair of them take a sinister turn, she finds herself inextricably involved) $14.95
McKevett, G.A. Killer Gourmet (Savannah Reid #20: Plus-sized PI Savannah Reid's friends Ryan and John have opened a chic new restaurant, and hired a temperamental but talented chef. When he ends up sliced and diced in the kitchen, Savannah has her work cut out for her: the cantankerous chef had made plenty of enemies) $7.99
Muller, M/Pronzini, B The Plague of Thieves Affair (Carpenter & Quincannon #4: John Quincannon is hired to investigate the death of a brewmaster, who drowned in a vat of beer. Meanwhile, Sabina Carpenter is hired to find Sherlock Holmes, or rather the man claiming that identity. They've crossed paths before, and he has quite a knack for solving difficult cases. Roland Fairchild claims Holmes is his cousin, who stands to inherit an estate if Sabina can find him, and if he is sane. She agrees to take the case, but she is certain Holmes is mad, and quite uncertain what will happen when he is confronted) $25.99
Orenduff, J. Michael The Pot Thief Who Studied Georgia O'Keeffe (Pot Thief #7: In all his travels across New Mexico, searching for prehistoric pottery, Hubie has never been able to get access to Trinity Site, where the first atomic bomb was detonated, and where ruins once occupied by the Tompiro Indians are located. When an old associate claims to have a buyer interested in spending big money on a Tompiro pot, Hubie resolves to find a way into the heavily guarded military installation) $14.99
Page, Katherine Hall The Body in the Birches (Faith Fairchild #21: The housekeeper at The Birches seems to have succumbed to a heart attack, but with a family gathering to determine who will inherit the valuable property, it's only a matter of time before trouble arises) $7.99
Parker, R/Knott, R Blackjack (Cole & Hitch #8: There's new trouble in Appaloosa: Boston Bill Black, owner of the new casino. The man vanishes when word comes through he's wanted for murder. It's up to territorial marshals Virgil Cole and Everett Hitch to track him down) $26.95
Parsons, Kelly Doing Harm (Chief resident Steve Mitchell's future is bright. But then a patient dies mysteriously, and it becomes clear a killer is on the loose in the hospital - one set on playing a deadly game with Steve) $9.99
Patterson, William Dark Homecoming (PBO; Newlywed Liz feels increasingly uneasy in her lavish new home. Two young women connected to the house have already met terrible deaths. More will die - and soon. The house harbors an unimaginable secret and a love turned to twisted obsession) $9.99
Reichs, K/Reichs, B Trace Evidence (Virals: PBO; Kids; Collection. 4 short Virals adventures, including a brand-new one) $9.99
Reichs, Kathy Speaking in Bones (Temperance Brennan #18: Amateur detective Hazel Strike, who mines the internet for cold cases, comes to Tempe with a recording of a girl being held prisoner and terrorized. Strike is convinced the voice belongs to Cora Teague - and that the girl's unidentified bones are stored in Tempe's lab) $9.99
Rickman, Phil Friends of the Dusk (Merrily Watkins #13: The new owners of a 12th-century house approach Merrily about performing an exorcism, but no one can be told - especially the new bishop, who believes the Church must phase out archaic practices. What Merrily learns about the house's history threatens to expose a more modern cult and its trail of insidious abuse) $27.95
Robb, J.D. Devoted in Death (Eve Dallas #41: A body found in a downtown Manhattan alley puts Lt. Eve Dallas and her team on the trail of a thrill-killing couple) $7.99
Robb, J.D. Brotherhood in Death (Eve Dallas #42: When Edward Mira disappears, NYPSD Lt. Eve Dallas is determined to uncover the man's secrets, and learn what enemies he may have made in his long career as a lawyer, judge, and senator) $28.00
Robertson, Imogen The Paris Winter (1910: Maud Heighton came to Paris to paint, and to flee the constraints of her small English town. When poverty forces her to take a job as a young woman's companion, she is drawn into a world of elegant luxury and dark deception) $15.99
Robotham, Michael Life or Death (Gold Dagger winner. Audie was convicted of a Texas robbery in which four people died, and $7,000,000 was never recovered. The day before he is due to be released, Audie vanishes. Now the hunt for Audie, and the money, is on. But Audie isn't running to save his life - he's trying to save someone else) $15.99
Rollins, J/Cantrell, R Blood Infernal (Order of the Sanguines #3: The forces of darkness have crowned a new king, a demon named Legion. To save the world, archaeologist Erin Granger and her allies must find the key to salvation, a search that will take them across centuries and around the world, pursued by creatures of uncanny skill and talent) $9.99
Rose, Karen Alone in the Dark (PBO; Homicide detective Scarlett Bishop has seen too many bad guy slip through the cracks, and too many victims go unavenged. Marcus O'Bannion is a champion of victims' rights, but his investigation into a girl's murder will lure him and Scarlett down a dark path) $7.99
Royal, Priscilla Land of Shadows (Prioress Eleanor #12: 1279 CE: Prioress Eleanor, accompanied by Sister Anne and Brother Thomas, arrives at her father's deathbed to find Woodstock Manor packed with troubling guests. When a married woman with more than one lover is found hanged, Eleanor and Sister Anne must persuade the High Sheriff that the death was not a suicide) $15.95
Ryan, Annelise Stiff Competition (Mattie Winston #7: PBO; When a recently arrived real estate developer is found dead in the Wisconsin woods, an arrow through his neck, it's up to deputy coroner Mattie Winston to track down the killer) $7.99
Ryan, Sofie (Kelly, Sofie) A Whisker of Trouble (Second Chance Cat #3: PBO; Sarah was hoping for some fabulous finds from the estate of collector Edison Hall. She wasn't expecting her cat Elvis to find a dead appraiser in the kitchen. And when Edison's sister hires Charlotte's Angels to investigate, Sarah knows she and Elvis will be getting deeper into the case) $7.99
Sansom, C.J. Lamentation (Matthew Shardlake #6: Historical Dagger shortlist. Autumn, 1546: King Henry VIII is on his deathbed. When a radical memoir she has written disappears and the printer she had entrusted the manuscript to is murdered, Queen Catherine Parr turns to shrewd lawyer Matthew Shardlake for help) $16.99
Scottoline, Lisa Come Home (Jill Farrow's life is turned upside down when her ex-stepdaughter Abby turns up on her doorstep with shocking news: Jill's ex-husband is dead. Abby believes he was murdered, and wants Jill to help find the killer) $8.99
Sears, Michael Long Way Down (Jason Stafford #3: Philip Haley has been indicted for insider trading on his own company, but Jason Stafford believes him when he says he's been set up. The deeper Stafford investigates, the more secrets he starts to uncover, secrets people would kill for. And that's exactly what happens) $9.99
Sears, Michael Saving Jason (Jason Stafford #4: Financial investigator Jason Stafford finds himself embroiled in a grand jury investigation of mob activity on Wall Street, and thrust into witness protection with his autistic son. When his son disappears, Jason will risk everything to save him) $26.95
Simenon, Georges The Cellars of the Majestic (alternate title: Maigret and the Hotel Majestic) (Maigret #21: When a wealthy American's wife is found strangled in the basement of a luxury hotel, Maigret's inquiries take him from the hotel's endless corridors to the countryside of the Bois de Boulogne and sun-drenched Cannes, into a world of prostitution, drug addiction, and blackmail) $11.00
Slaughter, Karin Fractured (Will Trent #2: Reissue; When a teenage girl is murdered in an Atlanta mansion, her mother kills the attacker, but Detective Will Trent connects it to another case, sure that a killer is still on the loose) $9.99
Stratford, Jordan The Case of the Missing Moonstone (Wollstonecraft Detective Agency #1: Kids; 1826: Brilliant 11-year-old Lady Ada Byron and astute, adventurous 14-year-old Mary Godwin form a detective agency. Their first case involves a stolen heirloom, a false confession, and an array of fishy suspects) $6.99
Stratford, Jordan The Case of the Girl in Grey (Wollstonecraft Detective Agency #2: Kids; 1826: After the success of their first case, all of London knows that Ada and Mary are the girls to go to if you have a problem. Their new case involves a horrible hospital, a missing will, a hasty engagement, and a suspiciously slippery servant) $16.99
Vallere, Diane A Disguise to Die For (Costume Shop #1: PBO; Margo's shop supplies forty costumes for a wealthy man's detective-themed birthday bash. The Sherlock Holmes costume is to die for - literally - when the man wearing it is found dead, and party planner Ebony Welles is accused of the crime) $7.99
Wenger, Christine It's a Wonderful Knife (Comfort Food #5: PBO; It's a busy time for Trixie and her crew at the Silver Bullet Diner, with a town pageant and community dinner to cater. But the festivities go sour when the pageant director is found with Trixie's butcher knife in her back) $7.99
White, Randy Wayne Cuba Straits (Doc Ford #22: Doc's old friend General Juan Rivera has obtained letters written by Fidel Castro in the early 1960s. When Rivera and the man he sold the letters to both disappear, Doc investigates, convinced the letters contain a secret that some powerful person or agency wants to keep hidden) $9.99
Wolf, Dick The Ultimatum (Jeremy Fisk #3: Fisk tracks a serial killer who is using drone technology to kill his victims) $9.99
Wynne, Anthony Murder of a Lady (alternate title: The Silver Scale Mystery) (Reissue; Originally published in 1931. Mary Gregor was stabbed to death in her bedroom at Duchlan castle, but the room was locked from within, and the windows are barred. Inspector Dundas is dispatched to investigate. Then more deaths, equally impossible, occur. Luckily for Dundas, gifted amateur sleuth Eustace Hailey is on the scene to lend a hand) $12.95


Bradley, Alan As Chimney Sweepers Come to Dust (Flavia de Luce #7: After a charred and mummified body tumbles out of a chimney at her boarding school in Canada, amid rumors that the school is haunted, and that several girls have disappeared without a trace, aspiring chemist and sleuth Flavia de Luce searches for answers) $15.00
Brody, Frances Murder on a Summer's Day (Kate Shackleton #5: When Maharajah Narayan disappears during a shooting party at the Bolton Abbey estate, the India Office asks Kate Shackleton to investigate. She finds his body shot through the heart in the woods, but it's obvious he wasn't killed there. Who brought the body there? And what has happened to the dead man's valuable diamond?) $25.99
Coben, Harlan The Stranger (When Adam learns a devastating secret about his wife Corinne and confronts her, the mirage of their perfect life disappears. Soon Adam finds himself tangled in something far darker: a conspiracy that will not only ruin lives - it will end them) $9.99
Collins, Max Allan Quarry's Cut (alternate title: The Slasher) (Quarry #4: Reissue; It's normal to see bodies on the set of an adult film. But when they're dead bodies, and the cast and crew discover they're trapped in a house with a serial killer, Quarry has his work cut out for him) $9.95
de Villiers, Gerard Lord of the Swallows (Malko Linge: CIA freelancer Malko Linge receives an unusual proposition: a woman will tell him all she knows about her husband's business if Malko will get rid of her husband's mistress. Malko refuses, until he learns that the husband is head of a spy ring operating undercover in the US) $15.00
DuBois, Brendan Night Road (PBO; After a dishonorable discharge, Zach Morrow is left with almost nothing. Then Homeland Security offers him an honorable discharge and full pension in return for his help. All he has to do is return to his hometown and get information on an old classmate, a smuggler who may be looking to move into more lethal products) $15.99
Eisler, Barry The God's Eye View (PBO; NSA director Theodore Anders has a simple belief: unlimited surveillance is the only way to keep the US safe. Evelyn Gallagher just wants to keep her NSA job. But when she discovers a computer program and connects it with the deaths of journalists and whistle-blowers, her family winds up in the crosshairs of a pair of government assassins) $15.95
Estleman, Loren D. Shoot (Valentino #4: Western film and TV star Red Montana is being blackmailed over a risque film his wife made early in her career, and turns to sleuthing film archivist Valentino for help) $25.99
Flanders, Judith A Murder of Magpies (UK title: Writer's Block) (Samantha Clair #1: Kit Lowell's latest manuscript, which deliciously delivers the dirt on the fashion industry, propels editor Samantha Clair into a criminal investigation when the courier sent to deliver the package is murdered and then the author disappears) $15.99
Freeman, Brian Season of Fear (Cab Bolton #2: Diane Fairmont is running for Florida governor. When she receives a threat from the assassin who killed her husband ten years ago, detective Cab Bolton is assigned to the case) $14.99
Holsinger, Bruce The Invention of Fire (John Gower #2: London, 1386: Sixteen corpses have been dumped where they are sure to be found, bearing wounds like none seen before. John Gower is summoned to investigate, even as the mayor seeks to thwart an open inquiry. When Gower learns the men were killed by handgonnes, he strives to discover the source of the terrifying new weapons) $15.99
Holt, Anne The Lion's Mouth (Hanne Wilhelmsen #4: The Norwegian Prime Minister has been shot in the head. Was it politically motivated, or personal? When secrets begin to unravel from the PM's past, Hanne and her partner Billy must piece together the crime before a private tragedy becomes a public outcry) $25.00
Horvath, Polly Lord and Lady Bunny - Almost Royalty (Kids; Madeleine wants to save money for college, but her impractical parents are broke. When they inherit a sweet shoppe in England, they see an answer to their problems. Meanwhile, Mr. and Mrs. Bunny - formerly detectives - are looking for new professions, and Mrs. Bunny decides she would like to be Queen. Soon they too are headed for England) $8.99
Indridason, Arnaldur Into Oblivion (Reykjavik Prequel #3: 1979: A man's body has been found in the blue lagoon. Apparently the victim fell from a great height. Was he thrown out of an airplane? Detective Erlendur is also asked to investigate the case of a girl who vanished on her way to school forty years earlier) $25.99
Kardos, Michael Before He Finds Her (After 15 years in hiding, Melanie returns to Silver Bay in hopes of doing what the authorities have not: find her murderous father before he finds her) $14.00
Lancet, Barry Pacific Burn (Jim Brodie #3: When a sniper attack sends Japanese artist Ken Nobuki to the hospital just a week after his oldest son died in suspicious circumstances, Jim Brodie suspects someone is targeting his friend's family) $25.00
Marr, Andrew Head of State (2017: The UK is on the verge of a referendum that will determine, once and for all, if the country remains a member of the European Union. Unknown to all but a handful of the Prime Minister's innermost circle, there is a secret at the very heart of government that could change everything in an instant) $16.95
May, Peter Runaway (1965: Five teens ran away from Glasgow, hoping for musical stardom in London. Weeks later, only three would be going home. 2015: Jack Mackay is still haunted by the terrible events that befell him and his friends, and how he did not act when it mattered most. Meanwhile, in London, a man lies dead. His killer looks on, remorseless. What began as five boys following a dream has been transformed into a waking nightmare that may consume them all) $26.99
Nesbo, Jo Midnight Sun (A wayward hitman, calling himself Ulf, arrives in a tiny town in northern Norway, where the locals ask few questions and supply him with food, shelter, and a gun. Once a fixer for a cruel drug lord, Ulf has become a man his boss needs fixed. Can this strange town offer Ulf a chance at redemption while he awaits the arrival of those hunting him?) $23.95
Ould, Chris The Blood Strand (British homicide detective Jan Reyna left the Faroes as a child, but is drawn back when his estranged father is found unconscious in an isolated spot, with a shotgun by his side and someone else's blood in the car) $14.95
Patterson, J/Ledwidge, M Alert (Michael Bennett #8: A crippled transit system. Millions without power. A reeling city desperate for answers. NYC needs Michael Bennett more than ever) $15.99
Price, Richard The Whites (Manhattan Night Watch usually acts as setup crew for the day shift. But Sergeant Billy Graves' investigation of a fatal slashing in Penn Station moves beyond the usual handoff. When he learns the victim was a suspect in an unsolved case from the 1990s, the bad old days are back in Billy's life with a vengeance) $16.00
Robinson, Peter No Cure for Love (Sarah Broughton is the star of a hit cop show, and lives in a beautiful beach house. She thinks she has put her dark past and her old name behind her, until she begins to receive anonymous letters, and then finds her old name inscribed on the beach - next to a corpse. LAPD detective Arvo Hughes specializes in hunting down stalkers, but nothing has prepared him for the mastermind he's up against; $25.99 hc also available) $14.99
Siciliano, Sam The White Worm (Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: PBO; A client has received a letter warning him that the woman he loves is under a druidic curse, doomed to take the form of a giant snake. Holmes and his cousin Dr. Henry Vernier travel to Whitby to investigate. The locals speak of a green glow in the woods at night, and a white apparition among the trees. Is there sorcery at work, or is there a human hand behind the terrors?) $9.95
Simenon, Georges The Blue Room (Tony and Andree have no rules when they meet in the blue room at the hotel. Their affair is intoxicating and passionate, but soon turns into a nightmare from which there can be no escape) $12.00
Simenon, Georges The Judge's House (alternate title: Maigret in Exile) (Maigret #22: Having offended his superiors, Maigret has been exiled to a remote province. It's dull there, until a murder occurs) $11.00
Smith, Alexander McCall The Revolving Door of Life (44 Scotland Street #10: The eccentric folks of number 44 continue their improbable adventures. Matthew and Elspeth forge ahead with parenting their energetic triplets; young Bertie finds new ways to outwit his domineering mum; Big Lou continues his search for love; and Angus, Domenica, and Cyril the dog settle into the routines of newlywed life) $15.00
Stevenson, Steve The Crime on the Norwegian Sea (Agatha Mistery #10: PBO; Kids; The Mistery cousins are taking a vacation cruise on a transatlantic ship when they get caught up in a spy conspiracy. Can they retrieve a top-secret document and capture a killer without Larry's nosy father catching on?) $5.99
Todd, Charles No Shred of Evidence (Ian Rutledge #17: On the north coast of Cornwall, an apparent act of mercy is repaid by an arrest for murder. Four young women have been accused of the crime. Scotland Yard dispatches Inspector Rutledge to review the case. With no evidence to clear the accused, he must delve deep into the village's darkest secrets) $25.99
Weber, Tracy Karma's a Killer (Downward Dog #3: PBO; Seattle yoga teacher Kate Davidson is teaching yoga for dogs at a fundraiser for a local animal rescue. When an animal rights protest at the event leads to a fire and a drowning, the police arrest a woman claiming to be Kate's estranged mother. Can Kate prove her innocence?) $14.99
Ying, Song Apricot's Revenge (The police in Shenzhen, China, have three suspects when a tycoon is found dead: his business rival; his young widow; and the second in command at his company. But then one of the suspects is killed, and the police find a drawer full of death threats. When the police hit a dead end, it's up to a young reporter to discover a new suspect with a decades-old motive) $25.99
Zander, Joakim The Swimmer (A deep-cover CIA agent races across Europe to save the daughter he never knew, who has accidentally seen a laptop containing information so sensitive that some will kill to keep it hidden) $15.99

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